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  1. Normal air cooler cannot handle new Intel cpus they produce a lot of heat. Only Noctua's air coolers can handle it. They're not that pricy but going with AIOs would be the better option as they do not heat up that much due to room temperature than air coolers.
  2. How to get into the verified actual gamer program. I remember linus saying a link like lttstore.com/ cpu architecture cores or something but i dont remember correctly. Can anybody help me and say whats the correct link format.
  3. You should mount the water block of the AIO on the place where you had mounted your fan. And keep the radiator on top, bottom or on the right side of the case.
  4. The concepts of space traveling can be almost related to the movie Interstellar. And also why aliens haven't contacted us can be seen here
  5. A RTX 2060 super, 1080 ti or a RTX 2080 would do your tasks with a decent performance, if you find those gpus at a decent prize and available in your country.
  6. For the memory go with G.Skill. There's nothing to change here. The prebuilt is good as it is.
  7. Yeah but in his suggestion only 2 boards which were the non-wifi asus gaming tuf plus and the other MSI board. Also nvidia has given the minimum wattage requirement as 550. Under heavy load it can sometimes be more power hungry.
  8. You cannot use the m.2 slot as the processor is not 11th gen. The m.2 slot will be disabled unless you get a 11th gen intel processor. Change the processor to 11600k. That's the best for the budget right now
  9. It's not leaked personal data or stolen identity. Scammers today send spam messages to every random phone number or all the phone numbers in a select city. When the next call comes report it as scam on truecaller or something and also block the phone number. If a scammer is calling you for this vehicle warrany thing for more than 2 times , it means he's so onto stealing your money so dont attend the call.
  10. Even if you dont purchase an antivirus dell will probably put a free 1 year subscrition or trial antivirus in it without your permission. Also Windows Defender is enough if you're just using it for web browsing.
  11. The most minimum psu require ment for the 3060 is a 550 watt psu. And because it's an oc edition it can draw more power.
  12. I watch many youtube channels some of them are Linus tech tips and subchannels, MrBeast, MrBeast Gaming, Austin Evans, Unbox Therapy, MKBHD, Z security, NetworkChuck, Chris Titus Tech, Jordindian, Technoblade, Dream, Jeff Geerling, Kurzgesagt , Wisp
  13. What he said above is almost correct. You have to go through a lot of hassle to configure it to use the gpu. There is a youtuber called Jeff geerling who does many experiments with the pi and he has videos on adding gpus to the pi
  14. You may want to get a psu with more wattage and other than that there's nothing to improve in the current build.
  15. Please mention the budget. And also the current nas specs
  16. Unless you change the processor especially because it's celeron and motherboard and ram, I don't think you can do any decent graphics design. Get atleast a 1tb harddrive. Also going AMD would get you more performance than an Intel pc with the same budget.
  17. Never get a Gigabyte or the EVGA psu one he has given above. Also unless you're upgrading to 5th gen ryzen the b450 is overkill, there are many a320 boards with pretty decent performance and overclocking features . Get a 250 or 150gb SSD and a 1tb hdd. For the hdd go with the Seagate Barracuda compute , it's around 40 dollars or so.
  18. Never heard of the SSD brand and also I don't think anybody would get the 3070 at that price now.
  19. Get a psu with a little more wattage around 650 or 700. Get more storage and for motherboard go for the asus tuf gaming plus , if you want wifi you can buy a wifi pcie card
  20. Have you contacted the LMG support.
  21. The pc is worth it it but get a better GPU and also use the free upgrade to i5-10600KF
  22. A video on creating a pc build with the worst pc parts launched this year (2020-2021). Eg: core i9 11700k, AMD Radeon 6700XT, Asrock Z490 motherboard, Samsung QVO SSD, any Gigabyte PSU, Adata ram. Also at last compare the build with an Intel or AMD worth the price build with the same budget.