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  1. Does this apply to installing windows on a different drive?
  2. I've been booting off an HDD for a while and I recently got an SSD and wanted to know how to delete windows to reinstall it on the other drive. After using DBAN can I still use the drive? What other ways are quick and easy to do this?
  3. I’m considering buying an Intel WiFi m.2 and was wondering which one is worth it? The intel WiFi 6 (Gig+) or the Intel WiFi Wireless? Thank You! Plz quote me for responses.
  4. Well this type is better because more people are using computers especially for online work and school. I think this could be a great succeeding business! If you do start link a website or store address and maybe I’ll check it out!
  5. Honestly I’m thinking of doing so building desktop computers but part prices are skyrocketing like never before so if your planning on doing it you should wait a little before starting.
  6. I've had this same problem building my first PC. Unseat and reseat the ram making sure the tabs are pushed back when inserting, pressing it until it clicks and the tabs close. If this is still the case make sure the cpu is also seated correctly by reseating it too. Also, are you able to get in to the bios?
  7. I tried both modes and the same thing happens. Should I try buying a new USB to download windows on?
  8. I recommend purchasing a prebuilt because of the current market. GPUs prices are skyrocketing. I reccomend purchasing a Dell G5 and maybe upgrading it down the line with a new motherboard and case. These PCs are still at great prices! Your Welcome! Plz quote me for a response.
  9. This is what happens each time I attempt to install windows. @AnirbanG007
  10. After I built my pc I wanted to install Windows 10, but every time I try it tells me "A driver your computer needs is missing" I went into command prompt and downloaded Intel Rapid Storage Technology, but nothing works when I try. Should this be the easy part? BTW I am using an ADATA 500gb SU740 SSD to install it on.
  11. @Jayzer I realized this and saw that the price range was about 350-400 for these parts. @Downkey Its harder to fit the same motherboard from what I've seen online and you can't use the same power button that is on the case.
  12. Pre-built upgrades all best buy pc Best phone 2021
  13. @Jayzer I currently have an Alienware Aurora R9 with an Intel core I-5 9400-F 16gbs of Corsair lpx ram gtx 1650. I’d like to upgrade to a Corsair 4000D airflow a new motherboard/ hard drive and ssd.
  14. I have an Alienware Aurora R9 and wanted to upgrade it with a Corsair 4000D Airflow. Should I keep the same motherboard and HDD? Or should I buy a new MOBO, HDD, SSD? I am still booting off and HDD so I buying these parts but don't want to spend over 200 or around that price range. Can someone help me?