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  1. Okay pretty good system. I would get the 1660 or 1660 super. You could take the 1660 and you then maybe have some money left to invest in ssd. Since this will have an great impact in how AE runs and on how fast it can access your data.
  2. On the Photography side of things I would course build 2/3. The CPU in them is better and that will be a great benefit for PS and Lr. And I also think this is better for dev but prove me if I am wrong. And with gaming I would say Build 2 is your way to go with the 3060 but they are hard to get. But when you can get one, get it.
  3. I would say the best that you can get. In this case I would say the 1660 super. because more VRAM is always good. especially in AE. But what is the rest of your system CPU? RAM?
  4. Your right. But I won’t blame anyone for giving me an answer.
  5. Oh and btw the thing is that I actually don’t have an iPhone at the Moment and I really want one because of the connection to my iPad and that stuff
  6. Thanks I think I will buy the iPhone 12. I mean all the things we know about the iPhone 13 are based on, if it will come and if it will have that. And we first really can be sure when we see the keynote. Buying the Phone that we now have and that I like now seems to be the best thing for me. I don’t wanna guess that I like the iPhone 13 and then when It comes out I don’t like it and just wasted time. I will buy what I like now and not what I might like in the Future.
  7. Hi, I am thinking of buying the new iPhone 12. I am in love with the design, the colour and so many things more. But I see more and more Rumors that say that the iPhone 13 will come in September this year. On the one Hand I don‘t wanna buy a new Phone and 5 Months later (I would buy the iPhone in April) I‘ve got an old Phone. The things I heard that will be an advantage of the 13 are nit really ones that matter for me. I do Photography, but I have a real Camera and I don‘t like taking Photos with my Phone and the Cameras of the 12 are pretty good. I don‘t care for a 120hz display on a Ph
  8. Looks really good. I also would not say that it is a scam but you can never know. I would research a bit more about the company. But at this prices?? Have you though about getting a RED, Arri or Ursa mini.
  9. I don‘t think that I am misinformed. I know what Video problems come with the R6. And I know that some people think that these problems make the camera unusable but I know other people that say that these problems aren’t that bad. And I also don‘t think that the Video Problems of the R6 are a problem for me. The greatest problem is that the R6 can overheat. But only when shooting 30-50 minutes of 4K 60 which I will not do and will not need (and you can trick it out because it is no real overheating). Btw when i look at the prices of the R6 the Sony competitor is the A7 iii and when you look at
  10. Oh and btw no hate against any sony shooter out there. I have no problem with you. Everybody can shoot what he wants to shoot.
  11. At first I didn‘t said that I am proud to be a Canon Fanboy it was more of a joke. And at second, I guess you shot with Sony or you will change to Sony soon. The problem that I sometimes have especially with Sony shooters is that some of them just some of them say: „buy a Sony, sony is the best.“ And yeah in some cases this is so. But specs are not everything that counts by buying a Camera. There are so may more things. And then People like you criticize camera from other brands and don‘t see that Sony’s new 7000$ doesn’t ‘t even has a tilt screen. Aren’t you the real Fanboy and brand ?
  12. I think the same. And also I like canon so I take canon. The specs are basically the same.
  13. Oh and the R7 should be the one with RF Mount but APSC sensor or?
  14. I think I go with the canon R6 as I said I used canon before and love it and also don‘t wanna switch. ergonomics.... but also a bit of Canon Fanboy. Hahaha. Are you using the 5D , 6D or what? What is your Problem with R6/ R5?
  15. Okay that is overpriced. But I live in Germany and here the Z6 and r6 are Not that high priced. The Z6 cost 2400 and the r6 around 2500 euros.