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    Video editing, Photo editing, Photography/Videography, Films, Cameras, Gaming, PCs


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    AMD Ryzen 3900x
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    MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi
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    Corsair Vengeace RGB Pro
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    Gigabyte RTX 3070 Gaming OC
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    Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB
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    Corsair Rm750x
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    LG Ultra Wide 38" IPS
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    Logitech G910/Logitech Craft
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    Logitech G Pro wireless
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    Widnows 10
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    iPad Pro 11" 2020
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    iPhone 12

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  1. RAM: Corsair Veangeace RGB Pro 32GB 4x8GB Case: Sharkoon Pure Steel White Budget: no real budget have money to spen but thought on something fro 40-100 Features: No real Features. It should can cool my ryzen 9300x good even under heavy load and should not be that loud.
  2. Sorry but I won't use anything from aliexpress for a ryzen 9
  3. I am looking for a new CPU Cooler for my Ryzen 9 3900x. First Idea I had was gettin a 360m or 240m AIO, but I found out that this is goung to be hard to fit in my case and I am totally fine with an air cooler. I thought of an Noctua NH-U12S, becouse I heard this one should be one of the best, but I don't know? What are you saying?
  4. Okay then I wloud recommend you the Canon R6 with the Rf 24-105m F4.
  5. Okay the R6 has great IBS and oversampeled 4k Video but it cost more than 2k Body only I think. And getting an Rf lens and body for 2k is going to be hard to get. THe RP maybe your best choice. It is cheaper than the R so you have more money to spend on a good Lens (Canon RF 24-105 F4). But it has worst video specs than the R. But if i am honest from reading what you want I think this or an R would be the best choice. As far as I know your not doing this Professional and are more focused on Photography so I think the Problems that the R and RP have are not that big of a deal for you since they
  6. I am a Canon User since I startet Photograhpy and Videography and never had complains. So I would go with the R. The Problem that you have with Sony at the Moment is that they just released High End Full Frame Cameras in the last time. The A7 III is 3-4 Years old at this point and so I would not buy it. But on the other Hand the EOS R is more expensive and the RF Lenses are expensive to. But it is rumored that 3rd party Rf lenses will some out by the end of the Year. Samyang already has released their first rf lenses. If you wnat good Low Light Performance I would go with something that h
  7. Ok do you know the diffrences between the titan and the Omega
  8. I know that I am probably forcing to the wrong part but for me it matters. When my ass hurts but the chair is beautiful it dosen't hurt me.xD
  9. Okay gone check it out. Got 300-400 bucks to spend. Thanks
  10. I can understand but I really don't like most office chairs how you can read above
  11. Got money to spend and most cheap ones look ugly
  12. I kwno the Problem is that the only office Chair I like is the Eams EA118/119... but these things cost 1.700 up and I don't have that much money to spend on a chair. But I really love them they are sooo beautiful
  13. I don't know for sure but I think in one of your last Videos you said that a Video is comming up where you are showing what you need for Music Production. I thought you could make a Series out of this, with others subjects like what you need for Video editing, Photo editing..... and maybe even show whole set ups and show what the LMG staff is using for this tasks.
  14. Hi, I am thinking of getting a Gaming Chair, but I don't really knwo what to choose. I am a great Fan of Astralis and so I thought in the Secret Lab OMEGA Chair becouse it has an Astralis style. Do you guys have any other chairs you recommend? BTW got 300-400 Bucks to spend.