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  1. Yes i have followed the instructions, but it wont reset to facotry, there is a maintion of backup configs thet can be set when installing so reset button does reset to a backup. The documentation says you can flash/re install it via USB, but for that to work i need to have a profile whit Junipre, tried to register but it wouldent work whit my gmail . Iam thinking if anyone knows if you could copy the install process via USB and install a other OS? Or if anyone has a link for the original OS?
  2. Sry for my bad english, not my nativ lang.
  3. Hi all! I turn here, hopping that someone has the answers i seek. I Recently cam by 2 used Juniper SRX 240 server/raouter/firewalls ( iam not sure what to call em), and since iam missing switches at home and has no firewalls i bougth them. Now i have a problem, i cant login to them, standard credentials dont work. Then i tried to reset to switch whit the reset button on front, it wont work. The documentation says i should get a login in at, but the net the S is giving me is, oc course i tried to login as but it dosent stop loding the page. Anybody? Ca