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  1. it does allow to manually overclock. with 2x16gb ram the xmp profile of 3600mhz is working, but with 4x16gb it doesnt... what are the best options to tune it, memory try it or manually ajdusting it? thanks!
  2. Hey guys! i recently built a new pc for image/video editing and ocasional gaming as well, with the following specs: amd ryzen 5 5600x msi mag b550 tomahawk 4x16gb t-force ddr4 3600 cl18-22-22-42 1.35v samsung ssd 980 pro 512gb msi geforce 3070 gaming trio artic freezer 34 esports duo corsair rm850 fractal design meshify white 3 enermax rgb fans and 2 fractal design dynamic x2 gp-12 ( 3 input / 2 output) the machine runs great with default ram speed at 2400mhz, but when i try to enable ram xmp on the bios to use the the 3600mhz advertised