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  1. yup, when it does it again then ill do that
  2. no but i will record it, i restarted the game and it was gone but idk what it was
  3. Hi I own an rtx 3070 msi ventus 2x 8gb and i when i was playing rainbow six siege for a while my gpu made an weird sound. what is this?? is this normal because when i closed the game its back to normal
  4. yeah i like intel better
  5. I prefer intel, ive got it always
  6. i want intel im using 32bg ram corsair 3200mhz
  7. ohhhh yeah i tought of it, is upgrading to an i9 10900K worth it?
  8. Hi, i own an rtx 3070 with i7 7700K but when i play gta i get 60 fps i also see that my gpu load is at 40% how do i get 100%? more fps?
  9. yes thank you for your time
  10. lollll i got 220 fps at max settings. i turned off my nvidia instant replay plus i turned off discord overlay
  11. i'm also running the game on max settings btw
  12. it says that i have the latest driver