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Natty Ice

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    hardware (especially GPUs), photography, cinematography, electronics, cats, various types of punk, ambient, and electronic music
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    been fixing, breaking, hacking, and modding hardware for 20+ years but there's always more to learn!
  • Occupation
    leisure enthusiast


  • CPU
    i7 10875H undervolted
  • Motherboard
    PowerSpec 1530 aka Clevo PB50DF2 (it's a laptop)
  • RAM
    32GB Neo Forza DDR4 3200Mhz
  • GPU
    RTX 2070 Super 115W
  • Case
    PowerSpec 1530 aka Clevo PB50DF2 (it's a laptop)
  • Storage
    1TB WD Black NVMe / 512GB Inland Premium NVMe / 480GB Crucial M500 SATA + many external USB-C SSD
  • PSU
    Chicony 230W
  • Display(s)
    15.6" 1080P 240hz matte IPS (internal) + Dell 2209WAf 22" 1680x1050 60hz matte IPS (external HDMI -> DVI)
  • Cooling
    dual fans and a reasonable number of heatpipes
  • Keyboard
    per-key RGB backlit with keypad
  • Mouse
    glass Precision Trackpad (internal) + Logi M705 (external wireless)
  • Sound
    SoundBlaster X (internal) + Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface (external USB) + Sony XB950N1 headphones
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  • Laptop
    Dell Latitude E6400 (Core 2 P8600 / 4GB DDR2 / Quadro NVS 160M / 256GB Samsung 840 SATA / 14" 1280x800
  • Phone
    Moto G Stylus (2021) + LG G6

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  1. Do you mean using software to combine multiple exposure bracketed images into a single HDR image? Definitely a helpful trick for keeping dynamic range in architecture shots! Good news is Darktable can do it and is free & open-source. I haven't tried Darktable in a long time but I hear it's a pretty good all-around Lightroom alternative these days.
  2. eek I know all about the meme (been a PC gamer for 22 years ✌) but invoking the phrase "Master Race" even as a joke is cringe bro sorry I kno u posted this for validation but yikes
  3. GeForce 1080Ti for 300€ sounds like a good deal in the current market. I'd recommend going that way, even if you have to stretch the budget a little.
  4. honestly, there are so many variables with MXM upgrades it's hard to say without having experience with that system and card. Could be hit-or-miss, could be a method someone found that's likely to work, could be something that's guaranteed to prevent it from working, it's all down to the specific motherboard/display/BIOS/GPU/OS/driver combos. All that said I did a quick look on NotebookReview forum and saw some chatter mentioning Pascal GPUs in Alienware 17s (not sure if same generation as yours) so people are out there trying things.
  5. ok, another addendum- I'm looking at pictures of Alienware 2GB 860M MXM cards on eBay and the core looks more like a GK104 than a GM107 so it may be a Kepler GPU you have now (860M is confusing like that, two very different versions), but Maxwell should still work as long its a Dell card. No guarantees of course.
  6. addendum to above: just double-checked and the config for your machine says the panel is LVDS, so getting Pascal / Polaris and newer to work will be extra difficult
  7. I'm not sure if Pascal will work since that's when NV switched to eDP only for the MXM video channel but any Maxwell card almost definitely will since the machine already has a Maxwell card. FWIW I've found Quadro cards are a bit cheaper than the GeForce equivalents; something like a M4000M (same as 970M) or M5000M (same as 980M) would be a decent point to shoot for. If you're feeling extra ambitious (and a bit lucky) Tesla M6's (fully-enabled underclocked desktop 980!) are a ridiculous bargain rn but have a lot of additional caveats due to no direct video output. Like was already
  8. What's the model of the Laptop and it's current GPU?
  9. is the broken fan running at all or is it completely stopped? How are the temperatures under load?
  10. What's your configuration on things installed in your PCIe slots? In the MPG B550 Gaming Edge manual (page 18 in Euro version, page 31 in English version) there is a mention of conflict between some of the PCIe slots and the second M.2 port, which is a common limitation on these boards.
  11. I checked the manual for your motherboard and it only mentions a limit on using the second full-length PCIe slot alongside two M.2 drives, nothing about any limits on mixing M.2 and SATA.
  12. the orange section on the left? That's listing the lanes built into the CPU. The Chipset lanes are in the blue boxes on the right and the Grey box at the bottom. Add them together and you have the actual number.
  13. I was getting at what @Sakkurasaid- that, logically, the limits you're basing the assumptions on must be wrong because the results of hitting the drive limit are absolute and well-known, and you haven't experienced them yet, so therefore you must not be hitting the limit, therefore the limit you're believing in must not actually be the true limit.
  14. it's definitely not a new type of overclock OC'ing just runs things at a faster clock rate and doesn't add/change features. If you were running into AMD chipset limitations with regard to mixing M.2 and SATA, some of the ports simply wouldn't work period. I'm pretty sure the limit is higher than 2x NMVe + 2x SATA and you haven't hit it yet. When you do the motherboard will start disabling ports and the board & Windows won't see the affected drives at all.
  15. fan splitters make the two fans look like one fan to the controller, and both fans plugged into the splitter will run the same speed.