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  1. Yes, I have an update on OriginPC. At the very least what I can say is dealing with them was easy enough, but unfortunately they sent me a broken laptop right out of the box. This was a $5k EON17-X, and somehow they missed the fact that it BSODs and suffers total system crashes when running in high performance modes. It also was scoring way less on benchmarks then the previous unit of the same laptop I had refunded with XoticPC. I think part of it is Clevo has extremely bad QC with their laptops, so don't buy them, but it doesn't excuse OriginPC and XoticPC sending me b
  2. This whole market is frustrating. This is the second time in a row I had to send back a laptop that arrived to me broken, and right out of the box! My brother's MSI was in ment condition, so was my older MSI laptop when I got it, so I am gonna stick with MSI. Should've followed my own advice on sticking with what you know.
  3. Whats interesting, is the thermals were actually reasonable, I had it repasted before they sent it. Also it seems like the individual CPU score by itself was seemingly normal, its just when the GPU and the CPU would work together the CPU just couldn't perform. All the cores were running at their highest boost clock too, so no issues there. It just seems when working with the GPU on full load, that's when the system would crash. It would work fine as long as I put it into a low performance mode, but would suffer a BSOD as soon as I bumped it into a higher performance mod
  4. Seems like OriginPC is a no go. They weren't even arsed to benchmark a $5k laptop to find out that the processor was way underperforming, and the machine constantly went to BSOD whenever it tried to run on the best performance preset. In essence it seems like they sent me a laptop with a faulty motherboard, and a dead pixle. I am going for the MSI GE76 Raider 11UH-245 from GenTechPC instead. Different reseller, and a brand that's never failed me. Let's see if GenTechPC is any good. EDIT: Looks like all they sell is laptops, never mind. OriginPC is trash thou
  5. Well... looks like I am just outta luck. Clevo laptops are just terrible, and resellers seem to miss their issues. I am willing to bet what I am experiencing is motherboard damage, right out the box. It's the only way I can explain clocking issues, and BSODs from merely running on a high performance power setting. Point is $5k for a laptop that can't even so much as perform like the GE76 Raider 11UH-245, and has constant BSODs is inexcusable. My solution, was to jump on their return policy, and never buy Clevo again. MSI has never failed me, so the GE76 Raider 11UH-245
  6. Yeah, I am aware. I am comparing it with an exact same notebook, which I had previously. Why would an i7-11700k, perform way worse then a i9-11900k? That doesn't make since if they are essentially the exact same PC! This is a desktop replacement laptop too, but it performs about the same as the GE76 Raider. The i7-11700k at least had higher performance then that.
  7. So I had ordered a Clevo X170kM-G laptop from Sager, it had a RTX 3080, i7-11700k, and 32GB of DDR4 3200mhz. I ended up having to get a refund on it, and I ultimately got the EON17-X which is OriginPC's version of the same laptop. Only difference is I got the i9-11900k, but when I run the Time Spy benchmark it gets a way lower score then the i7-11700k. I can't seem to explain why this is... My i9 seems to have all cores functioning, and they all go up to their boost clock speeds as advertised. The score difference is strange. On the i7 version the overall score is 12,774 and the CP
  8. Cooling in general is a mixed bag with these pre-builts, and by cooling loop you mean liquid cooling? Most of the time liquid cooling is unnecessary, this is especially true if the cooling pipes are small. You would probably be better off with just air cooling. Infact, here is a video from Gamers Nexus that summarizes their experiences with builders so far, and he has some great tips for you. I would also recommend checking out Linus's secrete shopper series, this way you get an idea what you are in for. Don't expect miracles either, be fully prepared to
  9. I made a post about my experience with XoticPC, personally they royally screwed up 2 orders from 2 different people on a basic level. After threats they finally refunded my money, and I took my business to OriginPC. So far, so good. My order has yet to arrive today, I will update on it's condition and let you know if I can recommend them. Keep in mind too, this is a laptop order, they tend to handle shipping a little better and there is a lot less to screw up. iBUYPOWER is who I traditionally ordered from. I had a nice desktop that lasted 7 years, and a laptop I am st
  10. Don't feel bad, I bought an MSI GL75 9SDK gaming laptop which had this exact problem. I thought it was some grime some how getting stuck on the screen, no matter what I did it just wouldn't come off. I took it to a computer repair guy, who told me that what I am actually seeing is permanent scratches on the screen, and Dell laptops get them ALL the time. He suggested for me to keep the original foam screen protector piece from the packaging, and place it between the screen and the keys before carrying it anywhere. He even suggested putting a thin microfiber cloth, a piece of paper,
  11. I have had decent overall experiences with iBUYPOWER, I bought a pre-built that lasted 7-years from them. I also bought a gaming laptop from them, and it came in stellar condition. So they are competent in my book. Problem is though, the pre-build PC industry as a whole is flat garbage, so rather you go with iBUYPOWER, Cyberpower, OriginPC... etc its a coin toss. I bought a laptop through XoticPC recently and that was an absolute disaster, I wish iBUYPOWER had a better laptop selection which is the ONLY reason I deviated. Now I am ordering from OriginPC, so far so good,
  12. Unfortunately pre-builds very in quality, even iBUYPOWER can do some pretty questionable things. I remember OriginPC actually making a reasonably decent build, but most of your PC builders do weird things and cut strange corners. For you though, it sounds like you can't even order from these builders, not atleast without paying way too much on shipping. So now you are working with even more questionable territory because you will likely order from someone who hasn't been vetted by tech channels. I think the idea of using a PC part picker website to list off the parts yo
  13. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I feel like sharing my story/grievances to the tech community. I think this can save some stress and deep seething frustration from potential buyers, by of course steering them as far away from this PC builder as humanly possible. TL;DR: included at the bottom of both stories. ------------------------------------------------------------ PART I ------------------------------------------------------------ XoticPC is one of those companies that makes custom desktops and laptops, kind of l
  14. It was still 128W, I am not sure why it shows it as a huge spike. It did initially show 131W, but only for a few seconds so not the entire length of the spike, the whole thing is still about 128W. The cooling seems pretty solid on this machine.
  15. Ok, all done. This was tested with Cinebench R23. Ignore the initial spike, I stopped cinebench for a moment. It seems like I get an initial spike for the first pass that puts my temps up to about 95C, after that it remained a steady 72C for the other passes. My power draw was actually consistently around 128W, even in the first pass despite it showing up as a spike. Interestingly though, there are little micro spikes in the purple graph that tank and shoot up for a few seconds, and random up/down spikes in the temperature. Not sure what causes that. M