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  1. Ya I turned D.O.C.P off which I think is XMP? its still crashing and I tried to lower my ram timings to 2800MHz and that didn't help. I also underclocked my CPU and that didn't work
  2. I tried all of that except updating my bios because I don't have a flash drive rn. Unless there is another way of updating it.
  3. Yeah I've swapped everything out except the power supply. It was an intel system so I can't test the mobo or the CPU individually. But when it first stated crashing I was using the old PSU so I don't think it can be that.
  4. Hello, I recently built a new computer here are the specs CPU: Ryzen 5600x GPU: RTX 3070 RAM: corsair DDR4 3200mhz ram PSU: CORSAIR TX-M Series TX750M MOBO: Asus Prime B550M-A So I started building this computer in December, I started swapping out parts in my old computer as I got new ones. I first got my CPU and MOBO and that was when I started getting the error. Everything worked well for a couple of days, but I first got the error while watching Netflix through chrome. My computer just restarts, it happens when I use Netflix and Hulu through chrom