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  1. Of course. Honestly, I'd say for a retro XP gaming pc, you probably want to start with a better motherboard with an AGP, or PCI-E slot. This PCI only one is going to prevent you from really making anything decent.
  2. No, in fact on PCI (non express) systems, all of the PCI slots share the same bandwidth. So you have standard 33mhz PCI slots in this rig, which translates to a total of 133 Mbps. Slower than USB 3.0. But it is shared with all the slots, so if you have a video card in slot one, and a network card in slot two, they both have to share that 133 Mbps between them, so they both slow down. While you could run 2 video cards, (but not in SLI of Crossfire modes) if you say needed more plugs for more monitors, performance would tank. The exception would be way back in the day
  3. Yeah!!! Monster 3D!! That was a 3DFX Voodoo 1 card, and 3D only, I had that in a Pentium 1 120... with maybe 32MB RAM and a SoundBlaster 16! You needed a dedicated 2D card as well, I think I had some Trident with 2MB of RAM for that. I was 10 years old when my family got that computer new. I forgot all about the Monster 3D! I really wish I still had all these things from over the years.
  4. I had a Voodoo 5 5500 on a Pentium 3 800 when that would have been a new build. At some point over the years I think my parents tossed the Voodoo out after sitting in a box for years unfortunately.
  5. You're really limited in video cards on PCI only. you kinda have 3 options with XP drivers, if you can even find them, they were all made by Zotac back when they made weird stuff for no apparent reason. If you want to run an even older OS, you might need older cards than these for driver support. Best PCI Card is a GeForce 430. This is the most powerful PCI card ever made. The second best, and newest was the GeForce GT 520. There was also the GeForce GT 610, but that was just a rebranded GT 520. Exactly the same card, just a new name. With any of these cards though, you'l
  6. Yes! You can run everything from Windows 98 all the way up to XP officially, and I guess 10 unofficial on it. I wouldn't be surprised if you can get below 98 running on it if you tried, I haven't. Yeah, I paid $120 Canadian for it on EBay (~$95 USD), new old stock. So it wasn't even that bad when I finally found it pop up in early 2019. Besides the SSDs that I bought, everything else I had in bins sitting around forever.
  7. Not that slow really! Like I said, faster than my low end Dell 8th gen i3 machine at my office actually. But it was a just for fun project, if I needed a serious computer or want to really game, I also have a modern i7 as well.
  8. Is anyone else rocking a retro PC and using it for modern day to day driving with modern software? For fun, a while back I decided to put together a machine using the newest of the old time parts, a mix of parts I had from years ago and ebay finds, and use it for a daily driver with Windows 10! It turns out, thanks to some weird Russian website, while Microsoft did remove AGP support from Windows 10 shortly post release, it's possible to re-enable it using some files from a original Windows 10 build! I dug out my old AGP 3850 video card, Quad Core Extreme CPU, DDR1 RAM