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  1. Good Gracious! I just searched that up to check (GPU) and Amazon Be wild. Scalping on amazon?? The PSU choice is so i don't need to worry about it if i get a RX 6900XT in the future. £2500 is the budget (2825 Euro)
  2. Budget (including currency): £2,500 GBP Country: United Kingdom Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: AAA Gaming Parts: ITEM PRICE Obtained: Asus Prime A320M-K
  3. Okay. As for tracking these down, do you think you could help me find websites that sell this.
  4. Still doable though. It doesn't bother me if its not gonna be the best in the world but it will be something not many people would have.
  5. Hello All! I've recently started quite an ambitious build, as you may have gathered already from the title of this thread. The idea of building something like this has always got my brain ticking over but I have never had the means to create something like this. Until now. I'm now looking to upgrade the heck out of this machine and completely rinse this thing for the most performance as possible and so I'm now asking what people think I should seek out in terms of the following: - CPU - Video Card - PSU - IDE HDD/SSD - Optical Drive Here are some photos to