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  1. Is the T-Max 105c or 100c please I did get told but can’t remember
  2. Not that I know of, I have two intake vents on the bottom then I have what appears to be two exhaust fans on the back of the laptop facing away horizontally then I have one to the right which shoots air out to the right, The rear intake fans are supplemented by a cooling stand The laptop is a HP omen 17.3 inch Here is the link https://www.currys.co.uk/GBUK/product-10207689-pdt.html
  3. Yes it’s the temps that’s my concern as I have owned a pc but my first gaming laptop, I know -130 is stable as I’ve been using that for a month without issues, My problem began when I went to -140
  4. Thank you for the information, could you advise on if I should be concerned with these HW readings also please ?
  5. Will this be detrimental to the cpu at all ? As mentioned it just turned off with no Blue screen, The only thing I found in the event viewer was three critical was 1 hour ago and that was all.
  6. Ok, so as the title says, my laptop froze shut down and restarted while playing a game, the only thing I changed was the undervolt from -130 to -140, can this cause the laptop to shutdown without a BSOD? thanks in advance.
  7. Sorry, still getting used to this forum. Thank you for your reply. I’m so new to this and I feel like it’s something I’ll never learn haha.
  8. Morning/afternoon/evening, wherever you will be reading this post from. im new to the forum and new to PCs and laptops and just after some general advice and hopefully to gain some computer knowledge along the way. Here are my system specs. HP OMEN Laptop Processor - Intel® Core™ i7-10750H Processor - Hexa-core - 2.6 GHz / 5.0 GHz - 12 MB cache RAM 16 GB DDR4 (2933 MHz) Graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 - 6 GB GDDR6