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  1. While I agree that performing the tuning you recommended would be the overall best way to get the maximum stable performance, I was hoping to just click a few buttons and have Afterburner give me an easy stable OC using their built in feature. It seems odd that Afterburner can't successfully run this test, so I'm still wondering if anyone else has successfully gotten this to work on a 3060ti, specifically an Aorus version?
  2. I have been trying to use MSI Afterburner to overclock a new Gigabyte Aorus 3060 ti Master. When I run the OC Scan / Test I get a 0% confidence on the Test, and a Code 3 error for the Scan. Afterburner does not appear to be able to communicate effectively with the card. Card is currently it is running stock with the factory 1800 mhz overclock. When the test goes to run it's clear it just hangs and nothing is happening, has anyone else experienced this? I am running the most updated driver and downloaded the newest version of Afterburner I could find. Any recommendations would b