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Sunny Ashveen

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  • Birthday Dec 02, 2004

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    Sunny Ashveen#6118
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    Games, games development, programming (still learning) and animations (done quite some)
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    Game developer and Youtuber


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    Intel® Core™ i5-3570 Processor
    6M Cache, up to 3.80 GHz
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    Asus Maximus IV GenZ/Gen3
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    Sapphire Radeon R7 250 4GB GDDR3
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    HP M100 Gaming Mouse
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    Windows 10 pro
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    Teclast F6 plus
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    Umidigi A7 / Redmi 5 plus

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  1. I'm just curious what will happen if I plug in one side of my hdmi cable to my pc and the other side to my laptop....lol
  2. thanks...but due to some financial problem with my parents out of stock for most of gpu's and also with irrelevent and out of mind price of th gpus avalaible...guess i have to stick with it for a long time...gonna expect less variety of youtube videos on my channel i guess...
  3. I also can't join the server...after accepting the invite It shows the welcome chat for a split second and suddenly it's just gone....idk why..
  4. Never mind, thanks for spending time to help me. I really appreciate it .
  5. I think you're right, it might not be worth it. One day when gpu and computer hardware are in stock and gets cheaper I will build a new system...till now I will stick with what I have and just continue recording things that its capable of....anyway thanks for the advise.
  6. Thanks....I hoped I could do that but I think the r7 250 with 4gb vram might be better than gt 1030...but I'm not sure about that bcuz most gpu are out of stock even rx 570 even if there is, they are very expensive than usual plus there's no ebay at where I live...but thanks.... another problem I face is it is so difficult to find product info for my gpu bcuz the most common r7 250 are 2gb....
  7. I just needed some advice on using two of the same graphics card that is Sapphire Radeon R7 250 4GB GDDR3 with amd crossfire if possible bcuz I can't even record minecraft using obs and also can't render my animations properly without any texture and shading errors. plus my country even has gtx 1650 to rtx 2070 out of stock....so building a new build is quite impossible as it will go out my budget than previously calculated dream build even after it restocks.... I'm using (Asus Maximus IV gene-z/gen3) motherboard, 8gb of kingston hyperx ddr3 1600mhz ram, a I3 3570 quad core 3.4ghz