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  1. i had previously with no avail but i just did again now and it worked, thank you but do you have any idea why it now wont work my tv when its been working fine the last few weeks ?
  2. okay i tried this and it still didnt work. my tv detects the display from the gpu and the motherboard but just says no signal.
  3. So I built a new pc three weeks ago and it ran absolutely fine then I upgraded my graphics card and it worked absolutely fine as well and then yesterday I realised I didn’t put in the power led wires in so I did and since then my pc won’t post. I’ve tried removing everything and rebuilding it and it still doesn’t post. Everything turns on with the rgb and fans and pump of the Aio but there is no display at all on my tv. cpu - ryzen 9 3900x gpu - rtx 3090 psu - Corsair hx 850w mobo - Msi x570-A pro ram - trident z 3200Mhz any help would be greatly appre