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  1. I had this issue for the longest time until I found this thread. It was the NZXT CAM software causing the issue. I just close it completely after boot. Its been about a month since i started doing that and no issues whatsoever. I will probably set up liquidctl until NZXT fixes this.
  2. I built my new PC back in November, and maybe sometime in December my PC started to randomly freeze up. It isn't like a complete freeze. I am able to move my mouse and click things but if I try to open or close something they wont open or close and just freeze up. I will click shutdown or restart in windows but it doesn't work, so the only way to fix it is to hold down the power button. I have tried new RAM sticks and made sure they were properly seated and that didn't fix it. I updated my BIOS to the most recent. I have also looked at Windows Event Viewer and it shows nothing. Alo