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  1. Yes, we already tried forcing high performance gpu in windows. It is utilized we are sure about that. We will try disabling vega from bios when he wakes up. That seems like only solution. He doesn't have heat problems. With both cpu and gpu utilization at %100 he tops at 65 degrees celcius. Thanks for your help.
  2. But they don't actually use any gpu. Task manager shows that the game is using the onboard gpu at the same time with dedicated gpu.
  3. My friend has an AMD laptop. When he's gaming laptop uses dedicated gpu, but at the same time the onboard vega gpu usage becomes %100 randomly. When usage of the vega is low, game is 100 fps stable. When vega tops out at %100, framerate drops to 30-40. I have no idea whats happening. Anyone has any idea? We are sure that game is utilizing 5300m but vega usage lowers the fps. Laptop specs: Ryzen 5 3550H 16gb 2666mhz dual channel ram rx 5300m gpu