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  1. I thought that might be an issue too as when i was upgrading my parts, i had too yank on the GPU to get it out.. I was waiting for my last resort to replace the GPU as its easier to find unicorn tears right now but i think i solved it! Im pretty sure it was a bad memory overclock...I have 3600mhz ram and before i updated the bios in preperation for Ryzen 5000, I used XMP to actually get 3600mhz speed. Well after the bios update, XMP is no longer available so you have to manually set the Mhz and FLCK speed so i did but im guessing i did it wrong or forgot to adjust some other settin
  2. so i found out that the memory sticks have dates on them, 2 are OCT 2020 and 2 are DEC 2020 so i was able to find the pairs that originally came together but it still restarts...I found out that if i load the game and just sit in training for a bit and then join matches, the games seems to last much much longer... Meaning if i start the game and jump into a match right away, My PC will restart within 10mins but if i start the game and jump into training mode and mess around for 15-20mins, I was able to play for hours just fine. Temps normal and everything. Im having a h
  3. So i took out 2 ram sticks and it crashed once initially but hasn't since. I need to run more to make sure it was indeed the issue but i didnt know that ram could cause a PC to restart like that. Im not sure how to identify which of my ram sticks are the new ones and which are old because they're identical so ill probably need to switch them up until i find which ones are causing the crashes and then return them. Thanks a lot for the suggestion, i really hope its the fix i was looking for!
  4. Locking the CPU solved the CPU temps jumping up and down but i still have the same issue from before so i dont think it was the issue. What other info can i provide that would help diagnose my issue?
  5. Hello! I have a custom build that i built a year ago with a Ryzen 5 3600, Asus X570 F strix Mobo, Evga 2080 super black, 16 gigs of Trident z Neo 3600mhz, Kraken X63 and a Evga Rm850x PSU. About a month ago i upgraded my CPU to a Ryzen 9 5900x and my AIO to a Kraken Z63, i also added 2 more stick of ram (Same exact speed and timings and brand) and some cable mod cables. Now everytime i launch my favorite game (rogue company) my PC restarts. At first i thought it was CPU temps so i locked it at 4200 Mhz and 1.2 volts and they're much more stable but still restarts.