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  1. can u recommend me one or a couple from that list bc tbh Idk how to properly read that list its a bit confusing
  2. is the one that I listed a good choice? EVGA 100-GD-0600-V1, 600 GD, 80+ GOLD 600W,
  3. I see where you coming from but I dont think I will be upgrading my GPU anytime soon especially since prices are crazy with demand so dont you think buying a 750w would be overkill? I plan on getting a r5 3600 because I think it would help me significantly with multi tasking and editing.
  4. So I've been told that my power supply is in need of an upgrade because of the little room space my current PSU provides for my CPU and GPU especially since i stream and edit videos. I have been experiencing some crashes and fps drops and maybe its due to not enough power being given to those parts so I was looking to get a Ryzen 5 3600 and a new power supply to help cope with this issue. I was also looking to get a new motherboard as well and I'll link the ones I have been considering buying and also my current Spec. If you see anything that may cause my PC to do random shut offs or anything
  5. Soooo recently might my PC has been doing these random Lag Stutters when im playing a game while running Discord as well (Games like Valorant). It does one big lag spike and the 5 seconds later anther lag spike and then Boom MY PC Reboots itself and its so frustrating. I'm not sure if its because I have a bad power supply or maybe its my CPU or maybe the motherboard. but I've been thinking of getting a new CPU and Motherboard because while I play I have OBS Discord and A Game running at once and maybe its too much for it to handle. I'll leave my specs under this so you guys can get an idea of
  6. My current Internet plan gives me 400 mpbs Download Speed and supposedly says it gives me 40mpbs Upload Speed. But while the download speed is consistent my upload speed is so the opposite. The reason why this worries me is because I stream and I really don't want lag to interfere with my stream and my bitrate dropping below its needs. My Computer is connected to the ethernet Via MOCA with an ethernet cable so I should be getting pretty good connection. But when I test my speeds on SpeedNet by Ookla, Sometimes I get 20mps and worse cases I get 1.34 Mbps and this is troubling me so
  7. Well i was talking about my graphcs card havin a display port input, Mightve typed it wrong but yeah my laptop has only an hdmi input it looks like. Can you help me anyway?
  8. I have my main monitor but dont have a second one yet. I want to dual screen with my Laptop in the mean time to i can extend pages to other screen. I'm not sure how to do so though. I tried plugging in an HDMI cable to my main monitor and connecting it to my laptop but it doesnt seem to detect it then I tried connecting the HDMI cable to my Graphics card's HDMI Input from my Laptop and still nothing. My laptop does support a DisplayPort input but im not sure if thats the way im supposed to do it. Both laptop and main monitor are 144hz if that helps anyone to suggest me an idea. Als