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  1. I tought of that too, but... he said he was thinking about MONITORS and showed them to me again
  2. Tomorow I will need to go to school again and... I sit whit a... hm... a bit dumb guy... a few days ago he asked me how much did my PC cost, I answered, he send me a few pics of MONITORS for like 150€ an I told him that my monitor cost about 150€ too... Then he said: wHy Do YoU nEeD a Pc If YoU hAvE a MoNiToR?¿?
  3. I was wondering... how can I prevent my internet from being DDOS atacked by my friend? I host a server so my firewall has some holes... can anyone help me? I could fake a police call... IDK
  4. Hello! I cannot turn off the RGB on my motherboard, evwn if I turn off my power supply. Can anyone help? I have an ASUS TUF GAMING B550-Plus
  5. Hello! I need a new GPU but the RTX 3060 Ti is out of stock. Should I wait or buy the RTX 2060 SUPER or the GTX 1660 SUPER/Ti
  6. Hello! I live in Slovenia and I am trying to buy the RTX 3060 Ti, but It's out o stock evrywhere. Anyone knows where to get it?
  7. I need a GPU under 700€ for some 4k video editing in Premier Pro and Filmora 9/X and some gaming, like GTA, Maybe Hitman and Red Dead Redemption 2... My current PCs have... one of them the GeForce GT 720 and one of them the GeForce GT 930MX. Yeah I need a good upgrade. In my country (Slovenia) the RTX 3060 Ti starts at like 610€. I wanted to wait for the RTX 3060 but in Slovenia it will be anvaible like 1 month later
  8. Ja to je res... samo gledal sem video... bolj kot KATERA SE NAJBOLJ SPLAČA In ta nej bi pač bla dobr prilagojena, lihk prov vsega za ceno. Ali torej misliš da je tale v redu?
  9. Hvala... A misliš da bi ta bla dobra? Je kr draga ampak nej bi bla 7 najboljša RTX 3060 Ti overall
  10. Torej naj počakam da se 3060 Ti mal poceni? Zdej gre za najmanj 750€ na npr. Balixu
  11. IN SLOVENIA THEY ARE. Čaki ti si Slovenc?
  12. Some 4k editing and GTA... I currently have an GT 930MX so I would be ok whit anything really.
  13. Yeah that's a big price but here in Slovenia that's the cheapest...
  14. I want an RTX 2060 SUPER couse they are cheaper now than the RTX 3060 Ti, but like 30% worse... In my country, I would save AT LEAST 300€