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  1. Okayyyyyyyy, My board is 1.5-2 years old. I think I just need to clear the dust off.
  2. Okay, I think if air doesn't took of the dust, then only i should use alcohol right? BTW thanks my friend
  3. Qtips are those cotton swabs use to clean ears right? I'm not from the america so i'm just confirming. Thanks buddy :)))
  4. I am so confused, I have a motherboard, very dirty never cleaned it, My friend told me you should not keep your motherboard dirty and Then I did a YT search and I found this, I assume this is a prank sort of thing. But then I read some article, I found few of them. https://formulapc.net/how-to-clean-motherboard/ i found this one that says I can use Isopropyl alcohol. Some says that you should use air blower, which one should I opt for?