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  1. ok it's a bit roundabout. But I can't code, and it's not something I plan to do often. But here is the way I found to do this, if anyone is interested: 1) record the session you want to analyze with windows 'Steps Recorder' 2) that will save in .mht format. use: https://www.aconvert.com/document/mht-to-txt/ to convert to .txt. 3) Go to https://textmechanic.com/ and use their 'find and replace text' tool to replace - with nothing, this makes each shortcut combination into one word. 4) use the text mechanic 'Count Characters, Words, Lines' to count word frequency. and you end up
  2. Thanks! never knew that existed, this might get me part of the way. Just need to work out a way to scrape that to get frequencies
  3. hey, guessing this has been done already. Anyone know how? I want to optimize a layer on my keyboard dedicated to controlling my DAW (music software) I was thinking if I run a key logger while I using the software I could get some data on which keys/key combinations I actually use most. Then use this data to work out the best layout with macros for the most common shortcuts that I use. Does anyone know of a keylogger or other tool that can: record keystroke but also key combos (i.e. ctrl+c, ctrl+shift+z ect) as single 'units'. Show frequency of each key/key combo (or output th
  4. cool, thanks for the input!
  5. hey, I'm building a rig for audio production rig, so overall noise is quite important. I love the look of the O11 Dynamic but had seen some people say it's not fantastic for noise. Do you think there could be a fan setup in this case to reduce noise? maybe adding more fans so each can be at lower rpm?
  6. The tutorials on custom sleeving psu cables I have seen start with a big old coil of wire and cut each piece to length then crimp all the ends ect. Is there some reason not to (or disadvantage to) just using the psu cables already installed, get one of those little tools to remove the pins from the plugs and individually sleeve the cables?
  7. Not enough buttons!
  8. Taran has a pretty nice multi keyboard macro setup... for his hands anyway! But what about feet?! Use a midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) foot controller such as: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Behringer-FCB1010-MIDI-Foot-Controller/dp/B000CZ0RK6 And an Autohotkey MIDI to input script: https://github.com/genmce/AHK_Generic-Midi-Program To unlock 4 limbs of productivity! I think the best use would be for 'Foot modifiers' Like alt, shift, ctrl and maybe combinations of those, one foot switch for ctrl + alt ect making most shortcuts 'one finger' or maybe using th
  9. This is exacty what i was looking for! they have a version for midi controllers too so you can use a grid controller like the launchpad
  10. That was my thinking, new system would also give me more future proof/upgrade potential down the line. It's been about 6 years since my last new system so I figure time for an overhaul. With motherboards what are your thoughts on x570 vs B550?
  11. Awesome, thanks so much for the suggestions! Is there anything the less expensive motherboard would be lacking, or is it simply a better all round for my components? the nas hdd you suggested are lower rpm, how much of a difference does that make?
  12. My current rig struggles with big sample libraries, audio projects with lots of audio clips and recording lots of inputs at the same time and it really struggles with video editing (davinci resolve crashes, render times in openshot and shotcut are looong). I guess more ram, better GPU could solve that?
  13. Oh cool, thanks! Very new to this lol This is my current rig btw :
  14. Budget (including currency): Around £2000 ($2750usd, £3500Cad) Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Audio production, Video Editing Other: Looking to buy soon, will have to wait for RTX 3060ti stock though Hi, I'm new to PC hardware, looking to build a rig for Audio production (quiet everything needed) and video editing with a budget of around £2000 how does this part list look? On motherboard, I keep seeing something about needing a bios update for ryzen 5000 series. Is this all motherboard atm or is there a board which doesn