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  1. Today I went back to the store. The manager is a cool guy and was very helpful indeed! He checked Lenovo's specs database online and told me that in the 2242 slot of this laptop you can only put NVMe SSDs. He kindly exchanged the SATA III that I purchased, for the same model but NVMe version and all went fine when I installed it. I set it for MBR partition and NTFS format. Now it's working like a charm: sustained 600 MB/s writing files! There is absolutely no need to fumble around with any setting in the laptop's BIOS. The SSD will be recognized right away, SO DON'T MESS WITH IT. Just be
  2. Thank you for the heads-up! I will check back with the store on Monday for a replacement
  3. I plugged a new KingSpec NT-512 m.2 512GB SSD drive in the available empty slot but the BIOS does not see it. Is there any adjustment to be made for this add on?
  4. Have you tried adding a second SSD? I plugged a 512 GB 2242 from KingSpec but it doesn't recognize it in the BIOS