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  1. I also tried my brothers 1660 super and got the same no signal thing on my monitor
  2. I just got my gpu replaced because whenever I tried to install drivers it would crash. Now the display is getting no signal. Also the previous gpu only one fan would turn on and no rgb would, and the new gpu all the fans turn on and the rgb still doesn’t. any ideas of what the problem could be
  3. Update: I switched my ram from the 2nd and 4th slots to the 1st and 3rd slots and window runs okay. But when I try to update/install drivers for my gpu the pc just crashes
  4. Yeah I can, and I probably will later today (it’s 10am for me)
  5. I can’t borrow my brothers right now but I think it is the gpu because I managed to get windows up and running but the second I installed the driver for the gpu it crashed
  6. Also my gpu has one fan spinning in the middle and the light and other 2 fans turn on for a bit when I try to boot
  7. Ryzen 7 3800x gigabyte b550 vision D strix 1080 2 x 8 gb Corsair dominator I’m using the cooler that came with the cpu gigabyte p750 gm
  8. My cpu was in ok but when I was taking it out I realised that the fan wasn’t on correctly, I’m still having the issue
  9. Hello all, I just built my first pc and I’ve run into a major problem. I downloaded windows onto my computer and I thought all was going well, until my computer crashed and then continued to crash when I tried to start up windows. It didn’t shut down if I was in bios and I managed to install windows again. I downloaded chrome and was about to download drivers for my motherboard when it crashed again and threw me right back into the loop. I don’t know what to do somebody please help!