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  1. I'm thinking on buying 2x Arctic Bionix P120 for the front fans.
  2. I have an XPG Invader case and I am using 8 fans except for the PSU fan. 1ex fan at the back and at the top, I have a side mounted exhaust Silverstone PF240(fans limited to 1100RPM), 3 intake fans at the front and 1 intake at the bottom of the case. My Pulse RX 5500XT reaches 64 degrees celcius at FurMark stress test (%40 fans and 15 mins stress test, when the fans are %100 the temps never exceed 55 degrees celcius.) My i5 10400F also saw a maximum of 67 degrees celcius after 15 minutes of Prime95 Small FFT's. For more info; Back and Top ex fans: 33.1 cfm - 1.0mm H2O Side mounted ex
  3. Definitely not with that 2666MHz RAM.
  4. Sadly, I don't have a debit card that allows international payment installment... Oh thank you, but I already have RX 5500XT. i5 is almost 2/3 the price of R5 3600. 1300TL to 1850TL. A 4 core 8 thread Ryzen 3100 or 3300X would be bad for gaming while streaming, am I right?
  5. I'm thinking, I'm already going to stream Leage of Legends only. So, I can just buy an i5 10400F for the single core performance (I have Silverstone PF240 and if I buy that CPU I will buy B460 Tomahawk or Torpedo) and leave the streaming to the GPU, RX 5500XT. Would this work?
  6. Turkey's custom laws... I f i were to buy these, I would pay 100 dollars more just to let them inside the country.
  7. Unfortunetly, the money that I is "unsaveable". You see, I am 21 and I've been smoking tobacco. My father quit smoking and said "We already spend x money per month on cigs, quit smoking and buy what you want for the x money annyally.". So, I only have that X money which means slightly higher than an I5 10400F and less than I5 10400.
  8. For the last couple of months, I've been using Ryzen 5 1600AF with B450M S2H (O.C'd to 4.1GHz, been using it like this for months, CPU temps are below 65 and VRM temps are below 75.), but I want to upgrade. Yet, I have 2 seperate budgets for both the motherboard and the CPU. I will buy a new CPU and after I sell my current ones, I will get a new motherboard with the money that comes from them.The reason I told you this is to let you know that I can not increase my budget for the CPU. The prices are almost insane, in Turkey, Ryzen 5 3600 is %33 more expensive than i5 10400F and for that, I can