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  1. Gotcha. Idk where I read it used an 1155. So, I am looking for an 1155 chip. So a E3-1280 is a little faster than the 1270 V2? They seem to be relatively the same price (actually looks like you can find the 1280 a little cheaper).
  2. Looking at online benchmarks, it seems like the Xeon 1270 V3 is a faster CPU than the i7-3770. Does it still hold it's edge over the i7-3770 (non-k) in gaming performance? I've heard that some of the Xeon chips do not work as well in gaming situations. With the current value on the market, I could essentially just swap them out. My system currently has a GTX 1070 and I'm trying to squeeze everything out of the GPU that I can. My motherboard does not support overclocking. Thanks in advance.
  3. I was watching a Linus video where one of his builds did not accept all of the Core 2 Quads. Do you happen to know if this motherboard accepts all of them?
  4. Does anybody know which Core 2 Quad models are fully compatible with the L-IG41N motherboards? Thanks in advance.