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  1. installed the new driver, still stuttering but not as often, i am playing csgo for this too
  2. it also says that i have another gpu? Intel HD Graphics 4600?
  3. GeForce GTX 970 i7 4770K 16GB ddr4 750W PSU Lately i have gotten a new pc with some okay specs and i was surprised to see it perform so well as the specs are mid spec, i was getting 120+ fps Doom Eternal Low 200+ Fortnite Low Csgo 250-300+ But after the new driver that Nvidia Published, i booted up a game of Fortnite and my game would stutter (go from 200 fps to 58 then back to 200) Later this week i ran Doom Eternal and was getting lower frames than usual 80+ frames even on low. then i loaded up csgo which seemed fine and stutters every 15 second