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  1. I watched the temperatures and they are stable during that up and down, and the interval between the turning on and off is like 1 second only that's why I suspected something wrong. I will try to run the fan curve like that some days to see how it goes
  2. Hey guys! So i've got an GTX 1660 Super from Asus, DUAL model (this one) and i noticed some time ago that one or more fans in my system were behaving weirdly. You could hear an intermittent hum noise, but was not sure why and where. I just kept playing and it went away. However, now that i've been using the Desktop for other tasks that do not require high graphics power i noticed where the noise comes from. It comes from the fans of the graphics card! I started with the updating the drivers (they have been updated more than once since i noticed this) but the issue persi