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  1. Thank you for taking your time to research for me. I tried to disable turbo mode in bios and that makes the temprature much better but also makes a noticeable fps impact.
  2. It wasn't mean, it was quite funny actually. Either way thank you for all the information. It really helped.
  3. I guess I will have to deal with the stock cooler then, even though it is quite noisy.
  4. I opened my back panel and it looked like this.
  5. Yes my case looks like that but i do not have the glass side panel. It also looks the same inside. But without the led lights.
  6. Would i need to remove the motherboard in order to replace the cooler? Thank you for the info btw.
  7. While gaming i have noticed that my cpu gets up to 85 degrees while gaming. To my understanding that is quite hot. Is that anything I should be worried about or is it fine? The cpu fan also gets quite loud. Since I am not that good at computers so I would prefer not to replace the cooler, especially if I need to remove the mobo. My computer is a Lenovo Legion T5 (28IMB05). Specs are as following: I5-10400f, rtx 2070, 16gb ram.