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  1. I could kiss you sir xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thank you so much What does the fp10k mean? do i need to match that spec/number? and what does the 43Az mean? also some random ones are labeled 43Bz, does that matter? What would be the % chance this will fix the card? and what else would this damage brake? Should i replace all the 16v caps? and the 3v caps? none of the 3v caps look damaged fyi The 16v caps are 6.5mm wide so would this link work? 16v 270uf 8mm https://bit.ly/3aSXW8z but i rly need 6.5mm 3v 820uf https://bit.ly/3bJApWO is it safe to
  2. So i brought this sexy broken 780TI for a steal and I know a small amount about electronics so i am hoping to fix it but i need some help first. I would like to confirm what the parts are, I think the capacitors that are broken are 16v 271uf ? but if you could post a uk ebay link for the parts that would help? Any info on this subject would help here are some pics and thank you so much for any input
  3. This was my issue in a nutshell Plus my 3090 FTW3 ultra has not exploded yet but i am down for ideas to try and make it go bang for fun lol
  4. The cards needs a brake down and a clean i guess.
  5. Hey Mark many thanks for your feedback. The FTW3 card has no coil whine even when maxing it out in games or benchmarks, just fan noise and even that is low. Calling it coil whine in this case does not do it justice, i would call it coil-echo from lack of thermal pads.... THE STRIX CARDS DONT WORK ON AIR Zilla
  6. Nope it runs perfectly, EVGA knows how to use stickers.......... You can't say all those people posting videos on youtube are just being sensitive? You shouldn't have too mod a card back to a working state when you spend so much cash on it, also you cant fix it unless you buy a water block because there are cutouts on the air cooler that do not allow for a thermal pad to make contact. @ShrimpBrine Thank you for your feedback and good information Facts: 1. The card has no plate on the left side to remove heat causing a louder than normal coil whine sound. 2
  7. This is why the FTW3 ultra is better, look at the extra metal plate................ The strix cards are defective by design. They banned me from the ASUS forums calling it spam, only making 2 posts Ebuyer went above and beyond to fix the issue for me and the FTW3 card is perfect in every way. P.S Some thoughts: i think nvidia/board partners don't release large numbers of cards on any release because if they are defective they will have to recall more cards. Its very simple, you pay extra to be a beta tester... but they dont tell you this
  8. Just got my new 3090 FTW3 ULTRA, no coil whine after heavy testing, the STRIX cards are defective 1000%. GG ONLY TOOK LIKE £8000.00 AND MANY MONTHS OF TESTING
  9. Wanted to put the findings together, so here it goes. 1.There is a missing thermal pad on the left side of the PCB that is present on all other 3090's, It also has fin cutouts into the heatsink so you couldn't add your own thermal pads even if you wanted to. 2. Its 10000% the location of the sound and it must cause the coil whine to be amplified in my eyes. 3. Seeing as the memory chips are also hitting 105c on the FE, my STRIX card missing a thermal pad would have 100% killed it in the long run. 4. No contact on two memory chips (consistently) that hit 105c on the FE with
  10. Why would that fix missing/broken thermal pads? The crappy thermal pads are making the normal coil whine extra loud, this is the issue. Hope this helps you
  11. I am sorry but have you not read the full post?
  12. The inductors and voltage controllers lack a metal heat spreader and thermal pads on the left, this needs a re-design i think because they are at two different heights that no thermal pad could ever bridge. Wish a Asus rep would comment on this? I AM NEVER SPENDING A PENNY ON AN ASUS PRODUCT AGAIN, PLEASE DO THE SAME AND SPEAK WITH YOUR WALLET AND THEN MAYBE ASUS WILL SPEAK ON THE SUBJECT...
  13. Gj finding this stuff out, i though it might be along these lines. I have a FTW3 ultra and a new 1200 BQ psu on the way, to see if its a strix thing or a 3090 thing (sent a corsair hx1200i back because the more i use there products the more they seem too suck ass) Sent my 3090 strix oc back because the sound was awful. Love