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  1. Was thinking that the stock cooler would be fine. The other option/s i was thinking of was going for a GTX 1050 or 1650, and with that either a B550 or B450 that wont need an upgrade. The price would go up at least another 300 bucks and i dont think i feel it makes sense. What ive can do with the parts that ive replaced is to build media-device for the TV. Its just so sad that the 3080 cost pretty much the same as the rest of the build combined and its not that i can't get the system now..i just rather wanna wait until the end of the year or 2022.
  2. WHAAAAT. so watching content several hours straight will strain the APU a ton (Screaming face)....
  3. Yes, the results are different depending on where u place the probe, every spot has a difference in brightness/luminance and thats especially true for LCDs. THe difference is a bit smaller on the Oleds and im going to calibrate a LG oled TV.
  4. So just finished watching that clip but it wasn't for me. Its good, better than a lot that I've seen but he is not thorough and there are key things that he doesn't go through like the longer you let the software calibrate the more accurate the results will be. I'm also definitely going to use Calman but i did saw a setting for the speed on the software he used for the guide.
  5. That's the thing, the streaming service is compressing the heck out of 4K contents. I personally haven't had the opportunity to experience it myself but understanding that its a giant difference in quality from streaming compared to a full size 4K content that's well above 40GB in size.
  6. Helloo, Its been 2 months now since i bought the LG CX Oled and i want to learn to calibrate and doing it properly. I've done hours of research trying to find tutorials, mostly on YouTube, and i have only found one proper stream that is only giving a glance of monitor calibration. Done by Colour.Training and the stream was doing an overview of the course that they will offer on their site...which is almost 2 months late from when they said it would be up in the stream. Now this guy from Colour.Training in that stream gave a proper education. But all the rest of the
  7. Im using a GTX 670 i think, might be a 680 but cant remember and cant be bothered to check since im currently on the laptop. So even if the APU is pretty old, it should still kickass compared to the 670
  8. Hey peps, gulping for some knowledge about this. So i still have my old computer that is i think 10 years old now and still going strong funny enough, just true love for it. I am planning to get a new setup but i rather wanna wait a while longer because i dont really have the need to use a PC, but i still keep going back to .. maybe i should at least get myself started for the main purpose to watch High res 4k content on my CX Oled and then just having a PC at home and not be bothering to bring home to Work-laptop when i want it or going to work from home. First ti