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  1. OMG plugged an extra one into the connectors and it WORKED! 1 x double lead + 1 x single to make up 3 connections worked. Thanks for your help you’re a star!
  2. Yes only one cable atm, I will try connecting two cables now.. There are 3 8pin ports on this GPU does it matter which ones I plug them into? And yes HDMI into the side of GPU.
  3. Hi guys, I’m a first time PC builder. specs, X570-E Rog Strix MB Ryzen 5600x Suprim X 3080 Corsair Vengeance RGB pro (4x8gb) Corsair RM 850W Psu Corsair H100i RGB platinum SE When I boot my PC I have all RGBs working, Fans spinning. There’s no display on my monitor on both DP and HDMI connections, I’ve verified both the HDMI and Monitor works via other devices. On my motherboard I have a solid white light on VGA where the 4 debugging lights are which stays no matter what, and I have either 02 or AE errors ever