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  1. Upon researching online people have had theirs last 20+ years if looked after well and that nowadays they do not make them as good as they use to years back. You can flat out say replace it but it's not very helpful when you could have said "In my opinion it's risky because of it's age but in theory you could or could not do what you were suggesting on doing" that way people don't have to use funds they do not have and know it's on their heads if something went wrong. There just has to be 2 sides to the argument leaving the question asked answered with both a positive and negative
  2. Hi! I just bought it used for my dual xeon setup as it had 2 CPU 8pins and it works fine also it's 80plus Gold which makes it much more efficient than my old Thermaltake Toughpower 650w which had no 80plus at all and couldn't supply my now 844w minimum requirement. Apart from buying another PSU for now i just wanted to know if either using PCIE splitters or modding a different brand PSU cable method will work? Thank you
  3. Because i cannot find any replacement cables for my PSU I was thinking of buying a 8 pin to 6+2 pin cable for a seasonic power supply. then changing the pinout of the 8 pin connector that fits in my PSU. could i use a multimeter to test which pins on the PSU are which? if yes what setting and what am i looking out for? Thank you
  4. Thank you for your reply. The PSU has these extra modular ports - 4x ports for PCIE and 4x ports for peripherals. unfortunately i only have just 1 modular SATA cable connected to 1 of the peripherals ports so I'm missing most of them really. The PSU is old so finding replacement cables is a hard task that's why i thought about using splitters. I have added some pics.
  5. Hi! I have a Cougar GX 1050w PSU but I'm missing some of the modular cables. All i have are 2x 8pin CPU connectors, 2x 8pin PCIE connectors and 4x SATA connectors. all of these are being used and i was wondering if it would be ok to purchased some splitters for the PCIE and SATA connectors so i can have another graphics card and more hard drives? I was reading online about people with single 12v rails doing this but my PSU has multiple 6x 12v rails @25amp each. but one thing the PSU manufacturer said about the PSU was this below: "DYNAMIC MU