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  1. yes they dont lock the unit they only block the actually tv channels so you cannot select lets say history channel, but you can still access the menu the config and everything , just the tv and apps like youtube netflix are blocked, i did try for days to get to the developer option frmo the menu but i wasent able, then i di try to mayby put it in download mode as the last option but a factory reset it XD
  2. i cannot access the menu on the tv box, neither to the developer options to enable usb debuggin im stuck in the searching tv channels and im not able to get pass this screen, and when i was inside the menu i wasent able to enable developers options is there a way to force it without using that?
  3. hi i have an tv box ( https://deviwiki.com/wiki/Sagemcom_DCIW387 ) and i would like to change the os to linux and if that is not posibble to another android os without all the bloatware and the manufacturer skin. i don't really know what im goin to do with the box maybe a net browsing pc to not use resources of my main pc but i already have one like that (a gov netbook with a 2 core intel celeron 1.60Ghz overclocked to 2 Ghz 4 gb ram) but that one i want to turn into a linux tablet so i could make the box the new net browsing pc, at the end i just want to do it because it's fun, the box wh