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    Alexlotta reacted to hunsnotdead in BEST AM4 motherboard with legacy PCI?   
    Speaking of which, Gigabyte released F20e BIOS version on march 18 that supports Rocket Lake-S processors (11th gen) up to Core i9-11900K. Ookay, thats a bit over this board, but otherwise its a welcome addition. Asus B460 didnt get support.
    Btw Biostar X470GTA got a feb 23 X47BG223.BST BIOS that supports Zen 5000 series Ryzens now.
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    Alexlotta reacted to ShrimpBrime in BEST AM4 motherboard with legacy PCI?   
    Not sure which version the thunderbolt header is. I would assume the newest of versions, but please don't quote that.
    10 years tech jump? 
    Notice a difference? 
    Well yes for sure. The entire system will simply just be much faster and responsive. You will be about doubling the memory bandwidth and an increase of processor IPC between 50% - 100% performance gains. 
    The only concern I have is running windows 7 on a modern board while setting up may be difficult if the board is not equipped with a PS2 port. The biggest battle is always getting USB drivers. 
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    Alexlotta reacted to ShrimpBrime in BEST AM4 motherboard with legacy PCI?   
    Well it's got bottom of the barrel VRM set up. Would be great for 65w chips or lower. So 90a max I would pull on this motherboard. So 5600,3600,2600 ect.
    Would want to put active cooling (a fan) right on the VRM package area to ensure cooling while this board lacks VRM heatsinks. 
    Believe it or not, the board actually supports the 5950X, but it would be severely power restricted.
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    Alexlotta reacted to hunsnotdead in BEST AM4 motherboard with legacy PCI?   
    Im fairly sure he will have a much harder time finding a driver for that Envy24 chipped ancient Delta 24/96 that finally works under Win10 (AFAIK VT1712 Envy24 vanilla had a tough time getting Vista or Win7 drivers, VT1724 HT, VT1721 HT-S versions were better supported but were different internally), than to bother to compare it with a very expensive well equipped Realtek ALC1220 or ESS Sabre board for an upgrade.
    As it stands overwhelming majority of motherboards(the above mentioned Asus B550 PCI board uses 887, just like my Asus P8B75-V board from 8 years ago😋 - the insanely popular MSI B450 Tomahawk / Mortar Max boards use 892) are _still_ released with not-so-up-to-date ALC887 and ALC892 codecs(they are from the Vista era, when Realtec switched to HDA from AC97) with the bare minimum of electronics that make their functioning possible, and with mostly only analogue in and outputs provided.
    Direct double blind listening test comparing the ancient higher-end Delta interface with todays "standard mediocre"  892 like integrated chips would certainly be interesting, but im not so sure about the formers absolute superiority.
    Ye, 2012 Ivy Bridge vintage B75, and Q75 chipsets is where the fun stopped.
    PCI-PCIe bridges could be a solution, but only in specific cases.

    The in place adapter could work well enough with half height cards. 
    The ribbon cable extender needs a totally free backplate expansion slot not blocked by the motherboard, so that means mATX/ITX board in a full ATX case, or some kind of small form factor arrangement where the case expects an expansion board riser present anyway.
    Some normal ATX cases do have a free backplate slot for whatever reason, so a cable version could work there too. 
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    Alexlotta got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in BEST AM4 motherboard with legacy PCI?   
    Nice thread I 've registered here just for that one been looking since long ,I'm too used to my card and his kxdrivers.my pc still would rock as hell even if is from 2013 is super fast ,but sadly is having hardware issues lately (z97 a asus with 32gb ram and legacy perfectly working pci  slot with a 4790k intel ).must look at a new system and it pains me as hell to get rid of my cards .l 'm COMPLETELY ignorant about new chipsets and stuff.also I did not get if op had used the adapter ,if it needs a certain case and the exact brand of it or found a new mobo with all the new stuff+ a working legacy pci..that is me wondering about hardware after 10 years .. terribly lost .and would like something powerful enough to forget for  some years again
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    Alexlotta reacted to ShrimpBrime in BEST AM4 motherboard with legacy PCI?   
    Awesome find actually. In the future I may purchase this to toy around with. I have an Old Ageia Physx processing unit that doesn't get played with much anymore. Although it is actually in my socket A system, it will be boxed again before the weekend is over.
    Found that B550 C/CSM here at Walmart actually of all places. 119 bucks. Link
    I kinda dig the legacy green PCB. Don't see that much anymore on desktop systems unless it's OEM.
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    Alexlotta reacted to DocSwag in What's the fastest M.2 SDD that an ASUS Z97-C will support?   
    Your motherboard only supports up to pcie gen 2 x2, or 10 gb/s. That's not that much faster than sata, and means any decent m.2 ssd is gonna get bottlenecked by the connection.
    Question though, why do you want an m.2 ssd? If it's for boot times and app launch times, forget it, since m.2 doesn't improve boot times or app launch times when compared to most sata SSDs.