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    i7 4790k, asus z97-a
  • Motherboard
    asus z97-a
  • RAM
    32gb ddr3
  • GPU
    gtx 1080 ti
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    MAny ssd
  1. ON The kxdrivers forum some tried the adapter (https://forum.hardwareheaven.com/forums/kx-project-audio-driver-support-forum.67/) ; some worked well some NOT .. FOR MUSIC stuff .But for not-music production i would suggest that adapter route. directly on the Motherboard you mentioned , cause if it's not for music production but to hear music is should be enough .it takes planning though on spaces and checking case /adapter models and so on , quite annoying in that way , The troubles ( even if theoretically should be the same things an adapter and a mobo with legacy pci slot since is
  2. Still i wonder as i'm in 6 /10 seconds max on Win o.s on boot but yes i optimized my O.s and iguess only with many vstis and so on i would see,side note :**Telemetry ** (and other stuff )for instance... they like to monitor your stuff on pc and so on.. deactivate it and you wont believe how much difference it does ( win 10 for sure too) . I did not think about usb drivers and stuff did take for granted as covered, my bad ( i hate so much the smartphone like oriented os as 8,1 and 10 , full of useless garbage for me ). *********** O.T!! ***And i apologize cause i did not find a thread
  3. thanks i missed your post( no notification). WHen i do 24/ i tend to avoid fan on Mobos .Uhm bottom of the barrel , so based on what you said getting the best ball would be 65w 5600x ( ryzen 5 ,zen 3 ) or 3700x ( ryzen 7, zen 2 ) right ( get confused by those i thope i'm right ) ? ( cause 3900 "not-x" ryzen 9 is not sold at customers) **QUESTION mate : it has a Thunderbolt Header i see , which version it is ? Cause in future may think about that way to go with music card I/O ( though i have still to see a card that offers what i like in My Audigy with Kx drivers : which is Mic/line
  4. how are vrmS on this one? Sorry again as i said i'm quite ignorant jumping from 10 years ago tech and dunno how to check Even a tip in "what to check" for vrms to dont bother you guys in future would be ok. I did read here and thread linked to get a better grasp , also when i check adapters i rad always mixed results from review . Waiting am4 market to settle things up with cpus and supprt to plan a proper build. Usually i keep pc 24/7 ,asus mobo has an auto mode to use bit less energy , and then switch to full "turbo intel "mode when i use for music vstis drumes blah blah ) and stuff l
  5. Nice thread I 've registered here just for that one been looking since long ,I'm too used to my card and his kxdrivers.my pc still would rock as hell even if is from 2013 is super fast ,but sadly is having hardware issues lately (z97 a asus with 32gb ram and legacy perfectly working pci slot with a 4790k intel ).must look at a new system and it pains me as hell to get rid of my cards .l 'm COMPLETELY ignorant about new chipsets and stuff.also I did not get if op had used the adapter ,if it needs a certain case and the exact brand of it or found a new mobo with all the new stuff+ a working leg