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  1. isnt 8mbit 1 mb? so 1 mbit is like 1/8mb...and u say dont complain...my pain.....yeah i will talk with vodafone thx for ur help
  2. i have a devolo DLAN tried it. but it rly sucks. ping is ok??? but i have literally 0.9 mbit/s its impossible hahah only problems in germanys internet.
  3. oh rly???? ok i guess??? it would make sense tbh then. my fritzbox 6490 all perfect there. but when i connect to the 7490 i guess that thing fks it all up
  4. tbh yes there are some walls behind the access point and the master router. i tried to change the wlan 2.4ghz and 5 ghz channels to ones where less are in it. i dont think that my microwave in the kitchen fks that up that much. before i had wlan and i connected it via wlan to my pc. it was a bit better but still sometimes horribly bad. i think its just that distance and i cant to anything Note. i connected with my pcs wlan adapter to the main router it changed from 2000 ms to 20-100ms but i dont get why a router would receive a signal that badly that my wlan adapter would ge
  5. i used my smartphone + laptop. i connected both to both routers. did a ping test. on the main router i got 67 ms on the repeater i got 469 ms so i guess its rly the routers problem u know any idea why? here its 2 am nobody uses the internet in my house rly now. still i have these high spikes regulary. sometimes again good consistent 20-50ms tho but most of the time this
  6. Idk but u could take the 2 out. check the cables first. Then Plug in the 2 seperatly. try first the one with ur OS SSD first. with both cables. if it doesnt work i guess it was ur SSD probably?
  7. i had a problem with high ms. thought it was the wlan adapter. it semms its not. Situation: we have VDSL 100down 20up we have a router (Fritz 6490) and i am using the repeater (FRITZ 7490). I plugged a LAN cable into the repeater and use that. the Repeater is connected via WLAN to the Master router. both routers are up to date everything good cable is also ok. My router is connected via 2.4GHZ to the repeater. now the problem : Antwort von 2a00:1450:4001:821::2003: Zeit=335ms Antwort von 2a00:1450:4001:821::2003: Zeit=1655ms Antwort von 2a00:1450:4001:821::2003: Z
  8. thank you for your insight :)) i am studying computer science right now and i hope we will get that in our network lesson or any other. it seems pretty informative if my budget allows it i am going to buy some fancy things for me like these but for now i will stick with the repeater being on top of my pc and connected to my pc via LAN. Thank you so much and the others for the big help
  9. i moved the repeater into my room and connected lan to it. it seems better now. Can i conclude that my wlan adapter just sucked? thx for the massive help btw. i will also look into the asus
  10. when i switch to lan here i have a powerline adapter connected that is connected to router. if i connect directly into the router its perfect i even get more download sometimes than 100 lol. but when i use my powerline lan adapter on my desktop pc its shit. download rate like 10mbit and ping is high( it doesnt hop tho it just stays consistently high)
  11. similiar i also get lagspikes on cable. also most of the time download and upload rate are worse than on wifi. so i stayed on wifi most of the time
  12. i tried both and 2.4 ghz was more stable :")
  13. mostly just me. sometimes my brother in my other room too tho but most times they go on nice and its only me
  14. 1.) Realtek 8812BU W-LAN 802.11ac-USB-NIC 2.) fritzbox 6490 cable 3.) eeeh whats that if u mean how the internet is connected to us its rly cheap 4.) 100mbit down 50 up i think vodafone plan.
  15. Realtek 8812BU W-LAN 802.11ac-USB-NIC thats how i connect. its up to date