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  1. Hi half a month later. Forgot to answer here hehe. But i fixed it! There was a setting in windows wich limited my ram to 16gb. Simply set it to 32 gigs and now everything is running fine
  2. Had the same problem when i changed my stuff and bought a new monitor. Computer boted but the screen said no signal. The only reason i could find was that i needed to put in the hdmi and set the monitor to the right interface before booting the pc.
  3. Tell me what hardware you got and maybe i can see some problem!
  4. @PorkishPig. The D.O.C.P profile did it. booting on 3200MHz now, thanks! What do you guys think about the usage problem. Here are some screenshots, it is all in swedish but i think it should be cinda clear.
  5. Hi, so i just upgraded pretty much all the parts of my pc and it runs rly good. The only problem is the ram. I have (8x4)gb 3200MHz ram installed so a total of 32gb. In windows task manager and nvidia experience it says the computer only uses 16gigs of ram total. So i looked in to it and i found that in bios the memory freq was set to 3000MHz. I raised it to 3200MHz but it wont boot. I believe all my hardware supports 3200MHz ram so i don't see why this doesn't work. Please help! Specs: Motherboard: ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING Processor: AMD RYZEN 7 3800x GPU: ASUS ROG R