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  1. I am currently working on a Mac and just built a new PC, I have got an .iso file of windows on my mac and now I need a way to make a bootable USB drive with my MAC
  2. Are there any tools which I can use to create an Bootable Windows USB Stick with my Mac? I hope you can help me
  3. Vessel: sgrubmayr Best Videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFfand https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 I also tweeted about all the Changes at LMG: https://twitter.com/sgrubmayr/status/580451501954465792 So Linus I've been watching your Videos for at about 2 1/2 years now and I watched every single one since then. I do understand that you need money and you want your business to grow but I don't know if vessel was the right move.... I don't rally like the layout of Vessel I think it's awkward the comments are squezzed in the bottom and it's difficult for me seeing
  4. I took a look at the Shure se425 most of the reviews where good but some say that the bass isn't that good... Do you know if this is true?
  5. As the title already says I want to buy some good In-Ears for 400€ max. They should buy available on amazon. I really need your advice I've got no idea what to buy because I'm a total audio-noob. Thanks for your advice and sorry for my bad English.
  6. Entered Awesome seeing someone doing such an giveaway
  7. I will follow you cause I like the idea and I want to see the Amd Radeon 390X
  8. Hey Guys! So as you can read in the Title I want to know if there is any place where I can watch the WAN Show Afterparty because it looks like they do it very often lately . I was never able to watch it cause over here in Europe it start at 1:30 am so it's already difficult to watch just the WAN-Show (most of the time I watch it on YT cause I can't make it). Hope you can help me
  9. I recently Jailbroke my IPhone 5s (8.1.2) I wanted to download an App from the App Store but it just kept loading and it didn't download the app... Can anyone please help me
  10. Electronics and Technical informatics student
  11. @Naeem It's already on mindfactory.de lol http://www.mindfactory.de/search_result.php/search_query/GTX+980/Hardware/Grafikkarten+(VGA)/GeForce+GTX+fuer+Gaming/GTX+980.html
  12. Hi guys so I'm looking for an new monitor because I'm going to buy an new setup with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 780. I want to spend about 500 $. It would like a 27 or more inch screen.I really want an 1440p monitor so I can take perfect advantage of my card. I use it mainly for gaming/ Altium Desinger / Google Sketch Up. I want an monitor which is also good looking and runs without any problems. If you can recommend me one you use that be great Thanks
  13. Hi guys I'm looking for In-ear Headphones for at about 100 Euro. I live in Austria. I travel 1 hour every day by train. I want Headphones which hold good in my ears and are comfortable they should sound good too. If there are Bluetooth in-ear headphones I'm willng to spend more.
  14. No there isn't I've been looking for a switch they are just connected to each other I guess. There are three ports in the office (where the router is) one in the living room, one in my parents bedroom, one in my room and an other one in my sisters room. So what can I do?
  15. Hi guys I recently move into a new house which my family built. We've got a LAN socket in every room. The router is in my Fathers office downstairs. So how can I split the LAN? Please explain it so my grandma is able to understand is. I'm a noob at stuff like that.
  16. Hi guys so I recently found my Xbox 360 in some corner. i'm mostly a PC Gamer so I don't use it very often. Because I can't play with the controller very well I wanted to ask you if you can play on an Xbox 360 with mouse and Keyboard. I found some Adapter but I've been wondering if there's some software which does the same job? I plugged my keyboard in and realized that you can navigate on the home screen. Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow 2013 Mouse: Mad Catz RAT 5
  17. You forgot the case but the rest looks good. You could get an Aio water cooler for the CPU.
  18. NZXT H440 hides the PSU but ist is smaller
  19. Nice so I think 800 Series comes closer and closer with every second Quadro is NOT for Gaming
  20. I would get an 550W PSU, some H97 MOBO as you have got an non k CPU so you can't overclock you won't need an 212 EVO a stock cooler will be enough but cooler is better .
  21. Hey Guys I'm looking for a wall mount for a Samsung UE42F5070 It will be mount in an open environment in the livingroom/diningroom of our new house. This is an 42"/106cm TV. It should have an swing arm. We don't watch TV that often so it won't be used that often. The budget is 100 Euro.I live in Austria so amazon is the best option .