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  1. hi tnk for replying but i dident get the oem card i have a sapphire pluse rx 570 4 gb and dell 2yrk5 motherborde is it supported
  2. hi i resently bot an rx 570 which i installed on the system i mostly installed all the drivers nothing changed checked with gpuz and msi after burner shows the same 0 mhz on both the core and memory and shows the ventor as msi i then istalled another gpu on the same system which works fine it works ok for streming at 4 k but wile gaming i am geting about 4 to 5 fps i am using dell insproin 3647 (new case) i3 4160 with win 8.1 550w smps ive asked t
  3. hi i am curently using dell Inspiron 3647 has an 2YRK5 motherboard which has an i3 4160 has a 54w TDP and intent to upgrade to i5 4440 which has 85 w tdp can i do that with this mother board without any problem it has 220 w psu shuid i need to upgrade it also pls reply