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  1. ohhh THANK GOD there is a thread on this, had the issue for months and ended up taking it to a proffesional, he said he fiddled with drivers and startup programs and i can see why its's cam now, I reinstalled it after I got it back cuz I wanted the start up back, and it froze on my first game. Are there any other options? Cuz RGB ya know...
  2. I've had my PC since late october and it started to freeze wierdly in november, I got some help for it on the techsource discord, and it was fine for a week, it started again and now the guy's stumped. It's mostly in-game but recently its happening out of game. My mouse can still move, but the PC stops all animations other than the windows button* (eg. taskbar doesn't highlight when mouse hovers over it). I can still click on things for a matter of time though, and any pop-out windows freeze in place. I can sometimes use ctrl, win, d and always use ctrl, alt, del, but none of things in it's me