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  1. Just wanna update you both. My PC has been running fine. I was able to run it on idle for more than an hour(6 hours to be exact) without bsods and managed to do the regular stuff I do which isn't really that intensive beyond games and drawing. Thanks a lot again to both of you. Tho I do feel kinda silly that all it needed was a chipset driver install/update. Haha
  2. So I found out my bios is at F50 through Gigabyte's app center. Do I have to update to F60? Since reading from the site that it just adds b450 support for the newer amd cpus.
  3. Just wondering about updating BIOS, do I just download the latest? Like I don't need to download and update into the ones in between my current and latest?
  4. Thanks will try this after boggy's if the problem still persists Thanks. Will try. I'm still a bit scared to update the bios on my own but hopefullu it goes well. Will update how it goes. Thanks a lot again to both of you.
  5. How does one do that if I may ask? Also, I forgot to mention that I have two drives. A Samsung 970EVO nvme 250gb and a samsung 870QVO 2tb. Thought I should mention in any case it might help.
  6. I couldn't quite get screenshots of it but I did try to remember which occured more frequently: -IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL -PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA -DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION I believe I had them in 1 and 3. Not really sure if I'm counting right but the first stick is on furthest from cpu then skip a slot for the next. I just figured it would be more stable to have it at non xmp whilst I figure out what's causing it. I'm not sure really but the local seller I bought it from did tell me it was up to date for the Ryzen chip I had. As for chipset drivers, I was u
  7. Hi there. As the title suggests, I'm looking for help with BSODs. I'd like to start that I'm, by no means, a very tech knowledgeable person. I'm just decent at following guides that's why I decided to have a crack at building a pc but these bsods has certainly putting me off from it. Haha. I built this pc I'm having a problem with not less than two months ago, it was fine and dandy the first few days then bsods started popping in. Varying errors tho some error codes has reoccured more than twice. But strangely enough, I can play Apex for hours like 6+ hours