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  1. I decided to take it to microcenter because I tried the one stick at a time. They discovered it wasn't the ram at fault, instead my cpu was at fault. Thank you for all the help !
  2. I was using my computer and it suddenly shut down and the motherboard was flashing orange light. I crossed out that the ram and gpu were fine since I was able to see a booting screen of the uefi screen. I can go into the uefi fine, but when I try to boot up my m.2 ssd, it doesn't work. I figured it was an os problem. I secured erased my ssd and tried to boot up with a bootable usb since the usb worked earlier, but now it runs into the same problem again. This time it had a white light, but when I restarted it went to normal booting mobo screen and then straight to a black screen with orange fl