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  1. @Falcon1986 Thanks for the comment and suggestion; I was too lazy to toggle off my VPN to run an 'accurate' speed test but ran one this morning - ~550 Mbps down and ~17 Mbps up. I've seen my download speeds fluctuate anywhere between the low 5's to high 6's so not bad.
  2. Hello all; it's been a while. I'm just looking for some feedback and suggestions about my current home network setup but I'm not looking to 'upgrade'. I am however planning, not sure when, to run a powerline router to get hard-wire access into the garage for a server setup. Thanks in advanced for your comments and suggestions. Internet speed: 600+ Mbps download, forget what the upload is...20-50 Mbps I think. Hardware: Modem All-In-One from ISP running in Gateway mode T-Mobile TM-AC1900 Router, reflashed as an Asus AC68U running Merlin Firmware
  3. EK has a D5 version: O11D, O11D XL Singularity Computers has dual pump version: O11D Dual D5 Hope that helps.
  4. @AlexTheGreatish, what game is that you're playing?
  5. How are people still getting the free Win10 upgrade? ?
  6. Thanks! Have since updated it but haven't posted about it.
  7. Everyone needs an SSD for their boot drive for the pure speed; which they are also perfect for since most OS's utilized that read speed for blazing fast boots!
  8. Hey guys, Looking to replace my rental Comcast all-in-one router/modem/VOIP/WiFi unit. I don't use it for WiFi in particular since I have an N66U also hooked up to it. VOIP capabilities is a must since I use it for the landline in the house. Thanks!
  9. This could be my belated xmas gift to me from you guys.
  10. I like those fans cuz they're quiet unlike my stock NZXT ones.
  11. I would never buy a GPU without testing it at their location. Besides PCB burn marks, what else can I look at? Testing with Furmark and look for what?
  12. Any tips on buying used GPUs from Craigslist... Like how to test them etc. Thanks.
  13. Aw man, I remember back when It was Still LTT and not LMG
  14. I like the Z2's build quality and dBrand's cool skin.
  15. Favorite TechQuickie Vid: http://youtu.be/eE7Bfw9lFfs?list=UU0vBXGSyV14uvJ4hECDOl0Q Favorite Jayz Vid: http://youtu.be/xJiYl2WAN-0?list=UUkWQ0gDrqOCarmUKmppD7GQ (whole series, but this is the final one)
  16. Will try when I get the chance. The old monitors I'm using are VGA and I don't have an adapter (fail).
  17. Originally the driver never worked, code 10 device could not start. I want it to work so I can use it to encode in obs.
  18. So I recently updated the hd 4000 drivers for my 3770k via Windows update and now I can get into my system. My computer boots up until the windows logo and then my monitor cuts signal. I can't blind login because I think nothing is there. I tried rebooting into the windows recovery and repairing but it errors out. I made a sys restore and restored once to try again and now the save is gone. =( I would hate to reinstall Windows because I don't quite have the time. I haven't tried to boot into safe mode yet to uninstall the HD 4000 driver completely, but if anyone knows how to boot into saf
  19. Eh I wouldn't recommend them since they aren't 1080p, if that doesn't matter to you...then they work for what they are.
  20. Yes, it's the white dongle between the monitors.
  21. You'd have to use something like virtual audio cable.