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  1. elon's baby names are nice, there is nothing wrong with his baby names, you are saying mean things about the names.
  2. That is correct. I was defining a flying car not airplane.
  3. Before we get too carried away I feel I must clarify something. I believe I unfairly associated the statement to Elon when I think it was actually the Narrator saying the statement that flying cars are airplanes. Going to edit the op.
  4. i have been giving this more consideration, although I think Elon musk is still incorrect, I have expanded my definition of flying car to also include cars that can transform into airplanes. A car that transforms into an airplane does not necessarily have to rotate on a point while flying, like my previous definition.
  5. yes i agree, that was not a real argument i posted the real argument in small font underneath.
  6. How can you hate Elon? He is a great guy, I hope he rules America one day. I simply disagree with his stance on this particular issue.
  7. Lets break it down to the basic truths. Flying cars are not airplanes. Flying cars are not airplanes. Flying cars are not airplanes. Airplanes have low level of mobility and are generally suited for long distance travel, with coordinated and long wait times due to congestion, flying cars on the other hand would have high mobility, the ability to rotate on a point, fast local transportation and low levels of congested traffic. Also Elon did not say flying cars are airplanes, since Elon is perfection, probably only
  8. yes you have a valid point. Feminism just seems to not be about actually feminizing society or encouraging women to be more ladylike and cultured, but by making women more macho and uncultured, like that new Equalizer tv show for example. I don't really want to diss the show because it seems rather entertaining as a television program and the show seems to be attempting to clean up crime from the ghetto, but its just a useful example of our society as a whole.
  9. Could be windows telemetry bloatware. They just use Windows to spy on everyone. Steam OS is the future, tired of windows bloatware and stuff running the background like Fax machine service and High Precision Event Timer that gamers dont need.
  10. my temperatures are cold or midrange. Also consider that the 680 gtx was the best videocard in the world when it was made, and that valorant doesnt have real time pathtracing. i figured out there might not be a real solution until riot games optimizes the game more. Found out the game was just really poorly optimized and people with newer graphics cards (such as a 2070 rtx) were getting much lower framerates than me. (The person with the 2070 rtx had the same processor as me but somehow their processor also had better specs than my cpu also.)
  11. If you dont mind answering, can you tell me what the name of the software you are using in that screenshot is? I would like to use it to optimize my pc
  12. my browser gave me a security warning that that site is tracking users. We must stand up and rise against this invasion of privacy. I dont want to accuse tomshardware 100%. But I am suspicious.
  13. more data is needed. What service and speeds do you recieve?
  14. Ok disabling the service did not improve the fps in any way. Perhaps disabling the service does not actually stop the game audio processes from lagging the game, or option 2. the game lag is not caused by audio, but unoptimized game code. Perhaps the game renders objects behind the view frustum and doesn't optimize objects. ok