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  1. Says in the above quote that "The complaint relates to the use and the trademark rights vested in the title "Warzone", over which the 2 companies have been in dispute since the past few months. The origin of the controversy dates back to the year 2020, when Activision launched its game, “Call of Duty: Warzone” in March 2020 and filed applications for the registration of the trademarks: "Warzone" and "Call of Duty Warzone" in June 2020." Sounds to me that Activision was trying to trademark the actual word not just the phrase. TetraSky is correct.
  2. And then people wonder why so many people are Commies. I am pro-capatalism but so much of capitalism is the result of mallign evolutionary reflexes. I feel like some people would try to copyright a sandwich if they could, or like when Paris Hilton tried to get ownership of the name Paris. Hasbro created a buggy broken game called Risk Factions for the 360, then a bland Risk game for Xbox One, then a decent but not as good as Risk Factions game of Urban Conflict. Preventing any loosely similar board games is a step in the wrong direction. It would be like Tic Tac Toe pre
  3. So 2K is 2560 x 1440 and 2048 x 1080, but 4K is 3840 x 2160, and 1920x1080 is not 2K. Reminds me of the whole Xbox one naming convention. Person walks into store, asks for an xbox one, are they talking about original xbox, or the new xbox one.
  4. I disagree, says here that: Trademark Law: first to use v. first to file "In the United States, it is not registration, but actual use of a designation as a mark that creates rights and priority over others. Thus, the rule is that ownership of a mark goes to the first-to-use, not the first-to-file." https://www.legalteamusa.net/trademark-law-first-to-use-v-first-to-file/
  5. Not sure offhand, but generally any term or acronym that has multiple meanings. Same with math, I dislike when math symbols that have multiple meanings, just causes confusion when you need to be precise.
  6. Summary Activision sues small indie developer over a trademark, which the indie developer had legal rights to. Quotes My thoughts Do you feel Activision is legally justified or do they have no legal grounds to do this? Do you feel Activision is morally justified or not morally justified? The Corporate argument is that employees need a paycheck, and that for the greater good of employees and consumers AAA games must be made. The Indie argument is that corporate employees are underpaid and overworked so why contribute to that broken system? The Corporate arg
  7. ok i joined, cant post in the theories section yet though
  8. Hmm, after reading page 1 it seems like a zbuffering issue. There are 150 pages so I haven't read all the pages, maybe someone has solved this already idk. My guess is its some kind of GPU issue where the zbuffer somehow loses floating point accuracy or something like that. How to fix it idk, I would experiment trying different graphics settings such as Direct X or Open GL. Maybe there is also a way to test GPU or drivers and see if it using 16 or 24bit buffer accuracy.
  9. elon's baby names are nice, there is nothing wrong with his baby names, you are saying mean things about the names.
  10. That is correct. I was defining a flying car not airplane.
  11. Before we get too carried away I feel I must clarify something. I believe I unfairly associated the statement to Elon when I think it was actually the Narrator saying the statement that flying cars are airplanes. Going to edit the op.
  12. i have been giving this more consideration, although I think Elon musk is still incorrect, I have expanded my definition of flying car to also include cars that can transform into airplanes. A car that transforms into an airplane does not necessarily have to rotate on a point while flying, like my previous definition.
  13. yes i agree, that was not a real argument i posted the real argument in small font underneath.