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  1. Ok guys, here’s an update: After working on @my name is guru iam tech's assessment that it’s down to graphics I updated the drivers for the 3400g/vega 11 CPU. I also checked windows updates (even through it’s a fresh install) and low and behold there was several things to update. Did CPU/windows updates separately, restarts, still the same issue. However…..with the CPU/graphics update it also installed some Radeon software that has confirmed the problem as follows: What happens is the cursor locks up for a second or two, then the screen goes black for
  2. Settings in bios are: 1. Integrated graphics configuration - set to 'auto' (alternative options = disabled or forced) 2. Initiate graphic adapter - set to PEG (alternative option = IGD There's no additional GPU. Just APU graphics from vega 11 on Ryzen 3400g. Thanks.
  3. I do have another PC but I'm not a confident builder. swapping out PSU, GPU, drivers etc, that's where I'm thinking it's not an easy fix, especially at the end of it I may be none the wiser. Do you think it's likely to be graphics over RAM? Would you rule RAM out based on the information I've provided? Thanks for your time.
  4. Adding a GPU is an issue as the PSU woeful @ 250w. Do you think it could be a faulty CPU?
  5. Hi Guys, thanks in advance for taking the time to read. I have an unusual issue with a relatively new computer. I brought it about 9 months ago, faced this issue, got busy at work and so haven't revisited it until now. The computer went away in a dark room. In other words, all of the components are new and the machine was pre build by Xenta, purchased from Ebuyer. It's still under warranty but if this is something that can be sorted out easily enough, I'd rather sort it myself rather than messing about with returns, postage etc. It's probably been switched on less than 30 hours in
  6. @-rascal-thanks for that, I'm relieved the 20 lanes is for AMD only! I think you were typing that as I was writing my previous post. So in summary, baring in mind I have integrated graphics and not a dedicated GPU (whether it makes a difference or not....?) do you think with my mobo and celeron g4600 CPU I'll be able to go with the M.2 NVME route and get around the 2500 read speeds? Thanks.
  7. @Light-Yagami thanks again for the detailed reply, now I'm concerned it won't work very well..... The CPU is very underpowered generally but serves it's purpose, it's a celeron G4600. Because it's good at single threading I've never needed to upgrade it, am I right in thinking it only supports 16 lanes? https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/97453/intel-pentium-processor-g4600-3m-cache-3-60-ghz.html If so, what would this mean for the overall plan? I have no separate GPU, does that make a difference? (integrated graphics) or is that the reason it mat
  8. Thanks guys. @Light-Yagami that's a very insightful answer. A few follow up questions: If I put an NVME capable M.2. SSD in that was say c. 3000Mbps read, would you expect the speed just to cap out at 2500 based on the mobo's limitations? i.e. it shouldn't cause any issues with the SSD's capabilities being higher? One of my earlier questions - does the M.2. have it's own PCIe lanes or would the SSD need to borrow from the 3.0 x 16 slot? Thanks again.
  9. Hey Guys, New user (and noob) here, I came across your really helpful site whilst researching my query and you knowledgeable people sound like you may be able to help! Thanks for having me. I find it confusing as to whether my motherboard supports NVME through SSD. The PCIe lanes are particularly confusing to me. The manual lists that the mobo has an M.2 slot and 1 PCIe 3.0 x 16 slot & 2 PCIe 2.0 x 1 slot. I thought M.2. slots had 4 PCIe lanes, so is the M.2 separate to those other PCIe slots or would an SSD using the M.2. have to interface with one of those slots