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  1. my cpu never hits over 70 while playing games and i will try that overclock now
  2. my full pc specs are GPU:rtx 2060 cpu:i7 4930k 4ghz ram:4x4gb 1866mhz ram motherboard:sabertooth x79 cooler:hyper 212 evo psu:evga 650w silver
  3. I'm having trouble overclocking my CPU and I'm just confused because I have tried all voltages that are safe on many frequency's my CPU speed i want to get is 4000mhz and i have a 650w psu with an rtx 2060 I have watched a lot of videos on the topic but none helped if you could help that would be much appreciated.
  4. ah yeah it is a crap time to have to get a gpu i dont think i will be able to get one considering the conditions just dont have the money to pay for another gpu thats 50% markup on what it use to be
  5. well i saw a method where you would heat the chip side off the gpu with a heat gun
  6. my gtx 980ti for a few months has been randomly losing signal to my monitors and the only way to fix it was to restart. but yesterday my pc outright started to shut down when i tried running a game, I tried to run the game a few more times.to no avail then when I load up my pc once more I spot odd red and yellow lines on my bios screen so i turn off my pc and take my gpu apart and i see that the thermal paste is dry and there are only spots of thermal paste left on the die but I don't have any spare thermal paste though I am ordering some now but I'm not sure if it is overheating because my te
  7. yeah i will go out and buy a new power supply then if it doesn't work i will replace it
  8. hi my pc keeps on black screening randomly after i put on very mild overclocks to my cpu. it blackscreens but does not turn off just looses display output though i do suspect it is the fact that i have a 500w power suply and it might be too low for my system specs. my specs are: i7 4930k asus sabertooth x79 16gb ddr3 gtx 980ti msi gaming x 500w bronze efficiency power supply