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  1. Oh ok, thanks. Seeing the responses I think I'll install windows 10 first then copy the data over to the new SSD. I don't have the windows key anymore because of a lot of different drives being exchanged from old pcs so I think it should be fine to reinstall windows first then copy over. Thanks.
  2. I ordered a 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD 250GB SSD to boot instead of my HDD, and its coming in tomorrow. I am really excited to increase startup speeds, faster editing, and game load times but I have a question. Before I copy my HDD data to my SSD I want to make sure Windows 10 is running fine. My Windows 10 right now is a little funky (don't ask) and I'm wondering if I should reinstall windows before I transfer the data over or reinstall windows after? Does it matter? Just want some different opinions I guess.