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  1. Hope I can solve this problem ASAP, need the pc to finish my final project for my bachelor and this reboot is driving me crazy
  2. Yeah already changed the power settings screen goes black, led goes off on the case and then it turn on all again
  3. The pc stayed off for some days in December but still got problems, and yes pc reboot even in idle (just turned off the pc didn't do anything and waited for it to reboot) Also today I booted an ubuntu live usb and after a couple of hour i went back and found it rebooted it again, didn't know if this helps, but surely tells us that windows is not the fault
  4. Not on the main board of the GPU, but I have the reboot problem since last august( but it was once in a while) not since i cleaned the GPU
  5. Yeah I know, but i just removed the powder on the top I didn't scratch with fingers on the gpu
  6. Cleaned just with air and fingers (I'm a student and I'm not at my home so i don't have any tools with me), yes i let it dry
  7. Removed the backplate and the fan and cleaned the heatsink( i didn't remove this one 'cos i don't have spare thermal paste to replace the old one), also cleaned the pci connector with some alcohol
  8. CPU,MB,SSD,HDD are from 2018 GPU 2019 CASE,CPU FAN and PSU 2020 I have the suspects that may be the gpu, some days ago i pulled it out, cleaned it and pc run fine for 2 days, then it starts again to reboot. Also sometimes when reboot, gpu fan start spinning at max speed with no reason. I reisntalled the driver with ddu multiple times and also tried a lot of version (even the one from 2019) Unfortunally i don't have a spare gpu and buy a new one is extremely difficult with this shortage, anyway how can i be sure that is the GPU?
  9. I don't it's a software problem, it's not a full reboot but more like a rapid loss of power but actually I don't really know what is causing this
  10. unfortunately it does from 2 to even 10 times a day and I'm pretty sure that isn't rebooting from my movements (it reboot itself even when I'm away from the pc)
  11. Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your reply and sorry for my simple english My pc keep randomly rebooting during the day. It no shows any error or signal and in device manager the only thing is Kernel Power 41, so is kinda generic. I've already reinstalled windows, runned some memtest with no error, updated the bios and all the driver of the pc,changed the psu and added a new CPU fan,tryed every combination of frequency of the ram in the BIOS but none of this has solved my problem. Also cleaned my gpu and reseated every power cable of the pc. My configuration is: CPU