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  1. ya im kinda stuck on cpu, AMD is getting really good ratings and catching up to intel but Intel has I7 and is a well known producer of good cpu's.
  2. yes, ive been looking at testing builds once i got a case picked out
  3. lol our disagreements are fun, we argue with nerf guns, so don't worry about it. besides I came her to get another persons perspective and boyfriend can get the nerf guns if he dares to challenge me. I do appreciate your input thanks
  4. bf says its really cheaply made and I should spend a few hundred on a good case. he build is rig just under 6g. the power supply is not a big issue since ill be buying the PSU from memory express or New egg. Ive budgeted PSU around $600.
  5. Im mostly looking for lots of room for all my guts, and future upgrades, a little flashy with rgb lighting, really don't care about the color of the case, sturdy and easy to work with, able to take on extra storage drives, and able to take any motherboard. boyfriend says they are to cheap and made poorly, but if someone recommends me a good case I will take that over what I've picked. the cases that appeal to me are: golden field z21 mid tower computer E_ATX/ATX/Micro ATX/ITX gaming PC Case Metal Frame tempered glass swing door cougar Panzer max PC computer gaming cas
  6. Sorry I should also say budget does not include graphics card
  7. total budget for just the tower and guts between $1500-2000
  8. Budget (including currency): not sure between 100-300 Country: frozen north canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: web developing, gaming and every day use. Other details Im starting from scratch, Im working off a hp pavilion laptop that I got used from someone else. Im looking to build a brand new PC but I'm clueless on which parts are the best. Ive spent almost a solid week looking at pc towers and the ones I do like my boyfriend says are garbage, Im looking for recommendations for a middle to full tower. please help me tech guru. PS. Boyfriend is a